Compression socks are a relatively common item, but not one most people associate with fashion or style. However, wearing compression socks doesn’t have to sacrifice your aesthetic, and the benefits of these stockings far outweigh the cons. Does that mean you should wear compression stockings 24 hours a day? Maybe not, but they do wonders for your health. Plus, for the fashion-conscious, they come in different colors and styles.

How can compression socks help you? What exactly do they do? Here is a short guide to compression socks, in all their shapes, colors, and patterns galore.

They Reduce Soreness and Swelling

Not everyone has achy legs and ankles, but everyone gets those aches occasionally, whether it’s from physical activity or an illness or just a random muscle ache. Compression socks promote better circulation by applying even pressure on your legs. Some compression socks even have a “graduated” pressure to them, which presses a bit more on the ankle area and loosens as it travels up the leg. This style is good for achy or swollen ankles.

They Are Great for Long Flights

Due to the fact that they promote healthy blood flow, compression socks work wonders for people who are about to take a long flight or those who frequently travel. Flying for a long period of time involves sitting with little to no movement for a while, and many travelers find themselves with swollen ankles and sore legs when the flight is over due to inactivity and restricted blood flow.

It is still a good idea to get up and walk around during a flight when you can, but compression socks can help assuage the pain and swelling with little to no extra effort on your part. That way, you can enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Good for “On-the-Go” Jobs

For professionals with jobs in which they are constantly moving, compression socks can save you from a world of pain at the end of your shift. In highly active jobs like doctors, servers, nurses, retail workers, and so many more, the constant movement can put a lot of stress on your feet and ankles.

Foot injuries are very common in the workplace, from sprained ankles to incredibly sore muscles. These injuries, if left untreated, can lead to eventual back problems, too. Compression socks work wonders, assuaging the pain before it even arrives and allowing you to focus on your job instead of worrying about your feet.

Ideal for During and Post-Workout

Wearing these stockings during a workout will reduce leg cramping and pain, allowing you to focus on your workout and improve your performance and stamina. They can help prevent certain muscle injuries to an extent if worn during workouts. Leg pain doesn’t have to be as scary with these stockings!

Worn post-workout, they help with muscle recovery. Promoting healthy circulation will keep your muscles from being too sore and unusable in the wake of an intense workout. Some studies say active compression promotes the activation of lymph fluids, which remove cellular waste and help repair damaged tissues.

They’re Comfy

The pressure on your feet may not sound appealing, but they’re actually quite comfortable. Wearing them around the clock may not be necessary, but even wearing them to sleep sometimes helps individuals get a better night’s rest by keeping their feet warm and soothed. With all the colors and styles available now, you don’t have to settle for simple white compression socks. Express yourself and help your feet, too!


Compression socks may be considered a medical accessory by many, but that doesn’t mean you specifically need a doctor’s order to use them. In simple tasks like working and exercising, compression socks can work wonders. Keep your legs and feet happy and healthy, and try out some compression socks today!