Makeup Trends

Makeup Trends

Get makeup tips, skin care tips, beauty tips from style experts, makeup trends from celebrity stylists. Find how to take care of your skin, what products to use and how to get radiant, glowing skin.

Makeup Trends Women Love But Men Hate

7 Makeup Trends Women Love But Men Hate – Top Makeup...

Top 7 Makeup Trends Women Love But Men Hate aka Top Makeup Turnoffs For Men. Men have very strong opinion on what they love...
What is mineral makeup, Mineral makeup benefits

Mineral Makeup For Women – What Is Mineral Makeup

If you are wondering what is Mineral Makeup? How to make mineral makeup? or What is mineral makeup foundation? How traditional makeup is different...

Top 9 Eye Makeup Trends For 2014

Are you looking for best eye makeup trends, ideas & tips? A perfect eye makeup can change the entire look and can add mesmerizing...

How To Change Lipstick Color According To Season

Stylish and trendy makeup looks should change with the weather, and the clothes. In general, the color palette for autumn features colors of pumpkin...
How to make your eyelashes look long and sexy

How to Make Your Eyelashes Look Long & Sexy

Someone has aptly said, “Eyes are the window to the soul.” They are most sexy object of your personality lodged in orbital sockets. A pair of romantic eyes is everyone’s delight and owner’s pride.

How to Get the Perfect Fuchsia Lip For Your Skin Tone

Fuchsia lip is the trend that most Hollywood celebs are sporting in this season. Fuchsia is a bright shade of red in which there...

10 Innovative Makeup Tips For Christmas – Christmas Makeup Ideas

We have some innovative and fantastic tips for you this Christmas to give that flawless and innovative look. You are determined to make a mark so be wise and give your look a new makeover. You will rock for sure!
Makeup Tips For Busy Moms

Makeup Tips For Moms -15 Mom’s Makeup Tips, Tricks

The life of a mom is preoccupied with the responsibilities of her child and personal care normally takes the backseat. She appears to be just Ok and still happy. Here we suggest some useful and important makeup tips that are not only simple to follow but extremely effective in their results.

The Art and Science of Movie Makeup

The ability to convincingly assume multiple roles is a performer’s bread and butter, but actors don’t do this on their own. The work of...
20 Valentine Makeup ideas for Valentine Day

Valentine Makeup: 20 Makeup Ideas For Valentine Day

If you want to make your Valentine Day a special one, here are some wonderful Valentine makeup tips to give you a beautiful look. Pamper your skin and choose the right make up. Apply just what is right for your skin and color and believe it you will have heads turning where ever you go!