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10 Reasons Why Friends Can Be Better Lovers

It is great to be friends before being lovers. Sharing, caring and spending intimate moments are a beautiful experience since you know each other so well.

Top 4 Tips to Torture (Tease) Your Husband

Well, to most women this happens to be a mystery and they wonder why their men are not as interested in them as they...

Four Unexpected Places To Find Love

A lot of pressure in this day and age comes from the impulse to settle down with someone with whom you can spend the...

Choosing A Gift For The Man In Your Life

Choosing a gift for the man in your life just got a whole lot easier, with the help of gettingpersonal. This user-friendly website will...
8 Tips to Start Dating With Confidence

8 Tips to Start Dating With Confidence

Confidence doesn't come naturally to most people. In fact, most of us are our own worst critics, and our negative self-perceptions may rub off...

10 Ways To Enjoy Vacation Sex At Home

Just pamper your partner and feel every moment of the time spent together. Feel every part of each other and leave aside all your worries and tensions. Just be together and no one else, not even the thought of anything else. You will realize how sexy your sex life would become!

Valentine Day – Top 10 Romantic Ideas For A Valentine Day

Are you looking for some romantic ideas for this Valentine Day just to make your Valentine Day special? Valentine Day is round the corner...

10 SpoilSport Lines Which Should be Avoided on Bed

People often read about how to build the mood with their partners for sex. There are many lines which can certainly kill all the...

How To Understand A Man’s Love & Affection

It's a fact that men do not express their feelings right away as they are quite shy of showing their emotions. Fortunately, you can...

15 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You

Every woman wants his man to be his prized possession and nobody would ever want to share him in any circumstance. It is therefore very important to find out what a man thinks about his lady love. Be careful in your relationship and do not trust him blindfolded. Save yourself from any unexpected trauma both physically and emotionally.