relationship_breakupBreakup is a real tough situation to deal with and sometimes it seems like an end of the world. Whether you have been dumped or you are dumping somebody, its a mutual consent or one-sided, a marriage or a casual relationship, breakup has many emotional difficulties or hurdles to work with.

Initial days of a breakup are the hardest,  you may sometime feel you may never be able to get over it,  but don’t stress yourself you will definitely and surely  get over it in due course of time.

Firstly, you should stop blaming yourself for what happened and try to understand that emotions like crying, questioning, arguing and lashing out are normal.

Accept the fact that the relationship is not working and there is no point dragging an incomplete relationship.

Tips to Deal with Breakup

Here are few tips to cope up with breakup and help you heal your broken heart:

  • – Breakup Calmly : Don’t indulge yourself into a blame game, arguing or showing negative aspects of each other. Try to understand the fact that the relationship is not working and breakup calmly and sensibly.
  • – Socialize yourself : Call your friends and arrange get together, parties, picnic etc. Don’t forget to be in touch with your friends whom you must have forgotten in due course of relationship.
  • Take support from family and relatives: Family and friends can turn out  to be  the greatest support system in a breakup. Reach out to the people who known you well, can understand your feeling, care for you, and can listen to  your heart.
  • – Destroy photos and gifts : If you have a picture, gifts of him/her go and burn them out, this will  help you burn out your emotions for him/her. Moreover, out of sight is out of mind, thus things destroyed will reduce his/her memories.
  • – Keep yourself busy : Whenever you feel lonely try to indulge into something you like most like dancing, painting, a massage, a weekend trip etc.
  • – Express your creativity : Make changes in your life expressing creativity like redecorate your living room or your space. Engaging in religion/ spiritual activities, art, culture will be a you a sense of meaning and will help you balance your emotions.
  • Distance yourself : Avoid calling or messaging your ex, going to places where you both visited  often. Analyze yourself and try to learn or understand yourself and your situation.
  • – Accept it : Breakup is a  normal part of life, realize and accept it. Breakup is a part of teenage  and adult life, though it is difficult but all of us had heart break once and survived. So you and your ex will also survive.
  • – Boost Your Self -Esteem: Work on your self esteem and don’t take the entire responsibility of the breakup on your shoulders. Try to stay away from would, should or could as much as possible.
  • Learn from the past : Every relationship have a positive and negative aspect. Evaluate all aspects, stick to some positive facts which will help you feel you have not wasted your time.
  • – Avoid making your ex jealous : Making your ex jealous will only delay your healing process.So avoid it.
  • – Avoid Dating : Don’t date immediate after a breakup. Take time to get over your past sorrows. After a breakup you would feel  emotionally weak,  finding yourself in a indecisive state of mind, thus it may end making your new relationship un-fulfilling  and unsuccessful.

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