Sweat Is The determinant of Romance

You would be shocked to know that even sweat can be determinant of romance. A recent study suggests that when it comes to romance, it seems that sweat is all you need to determine the fate of relationship .

A new study has suggested that if one perspires  a lot while talking to a romantic partner , than that person may not be the right choice.  According to researchers, sweating is a sign that the person is making an effort to control his or her own behavior and becoming agitated in a way that requires self – control .

Moreover, sweating lead to a situation where  the romantic partner could think that you are not interested in him/her and try to move away from the relationship.

“Both heart rate and skin conductance have been linked to a host of important outcomes in interpersonal relationships including the likelihood of divorce. It’s a problem if you need to inhibit your self greatly while having a conversation with your partner about kinds of things you would ordinarily be talking about and trying to resolve in your daily lives .” – Glenn Roisman

The researchers have based their findings on an analysis of a questionnaire up by dating, engaged and married couples. The subjects were asked to give information about their own partner personalities and the quality of relationships.

They also measured the participants heart rate and skin  conductance – which measures sweat  – in their study to come to the conclusion that perspiration is linked to romance .