Dating can be challenging. Besides the fact it can be scary and even a bit intimidating to get to know someone new, there is the fact that there are so many expectations that surround a date itself. The quest to find unique and fun date night ideas can be stressful and nothing short of exhausting. Sometimes it takes stepping outside of the box and looking at dates in a whole other light to find those great ideas.

If you happen to be gearing up for a date in Atlanta, Georgia, then you’re in luck because the city is absolutely filled with entertainment options. Here’s a look at five different date night ideas that could be perfect for your next outing.

Escape Room Atlanta

Curious how your date would react in a stressful situation where you need to use problem skills and logic to escape? Well, no need to keep wondering as the two of you can check out an escape room Atlanta. Escape rooms have been dubbed today’s version of a haunted house, as they offer that kind of thrill and excitement.

There are different rooms each with their own mystery and storyline. You will be given just 60 minutes to solve the mystery together and escape. It typically involves following clues, solving puzzles, and even cracking codes.

Take a Spin in a Luxury Car

Just because you can’t afford to pick up your date in a luxury car doesn’t mean you can’t still have the experience together. Why not take a Porsche for a spin at the Porsche Experience Center. This center is just south of Atlanta and you’ll be able to tour the facility and then drive on a closed course. You can finish off the date with a drink together in the rooftop bar that provides you with a perfect view of the track.

Enroll in a Class Together

Just because you’re an adult and you may have finished up your education at this point doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. With that in mind, why not sign the two of you up for a class together. You could enroll in a one-night cooking course, wine-tasting class, glassblowing, painting class, yoga class, gymnastics class, and so much more.

You can look to join a class or you may choose to book a private class just for the two of you to keep things more romantic.

Book a Couples Massage and Relax Together

If you and your date are the types that lead busy high-stress lives, then what’s better than a couples’ massage? This is a great opportunity to relax and be pampered together. You’ll find various places throughout the city that offer a couples’ massage, such as The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Atlanta. This spa even has its own luxurious couples’ suite.

A Guided Tour of the City

It can also be fun to act like tourists in your city for a day and book a guided city tour. The two of you may discover all kinds of facts and hidden gems that you weren’t even aware of.

Each of these unique date night ideas is sure to leave a great impression on your date.