The single piece of equipment which is required for walking is a pair of walking shoes. Finding just the right pair of walking shoes is not an easy job. You should spend some time for getting the best walking shoes. You should take an advice from any expert athlete for getting perfect fit walking shoes. There are many features which you need to know before buying walking shoes. Now, in this guide, I am going to tell you some important features of walking shoes, which will help you in buying.

  1. There are some categories of walking shoes from which you can select. Lightweight performance trainers are great all-around walking shoes. Such types of shoes are for those who don’t need motion control. For long distance walking, a cushioned shoe might be more comfortable. There are stability shoes for mid weight persons and who don’t have severe motion control problems, but for those who requires a stable and durable shoe.
  2. Overweight people need the correction and support these firm and heavy shoes provide. Overweight people can prevent injury by wearing these shoes.
  3. You should go to the best athletic shoe store in your area, the place where the serious runners go to their shoes. In those stores, you will definitely find the fit experts who will take the time to fit you into the right shoes. Get the right fit and similar shoes you can buy online at cheaper price.
  4. Walking shoes don’t have a high heel; the heel should not be more than an inch higher than the sloe under the ball of the foot. Walkers strike first with the heel and roll through the step, while some running shoes have a built-up heel for the runners who strike mid-sole. Walkers also do not need flared soles.
  5. Walking shoe should be flexible or your foot will fight them as it rolls through each step, primary to shin splints. They should twist little bit. They should bend at the ball of the foot, not in the middle of the arch.
  6. Set the shoes down and poke the toe; it should rock as the toe should be slightly off the ground. If it passes these tests, it may be ok for walking.

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