It is a misconception that pregnant ladies should not wear high heels and the point is quite valid to some extent. But for those who are in such career where looks does matter like Air Hostesses, Celebrities, Front Office Staff etc. it becomes virtually impossible to avoid high heels in the course of pregnancy.

Gynecologists and Pediatricians around the world advice not to wear high heels due to sudden increase in your belly there are greater chances of falling. Still it’s perfectly alright to wear high heels especially if you wear them perfectly and balance yourself efficiently. Celebrities around the world are so perfect in wearing high heels because they have to attend several functions, award shows, premiers etc. that they become a master, but for a normal housewife who wears high heels pretty occasionally it can be tiresome and risky.

Many celebrities are spotted wearing high heels which they are pregnant which is boosting the morale of other women’s around the world.

So what about you? Did you or will you wear heels during your pregnancy? And what will or were your shoes of choice? Please leave me a comment and share your experiences with us.