Some Hermes products such as Birkins have been touted as the most sought-after handbags on the planet. Wanting to buy such items that hold a high position in the value hierarchy can mean staying on long waiting lists if you are to buy straight from the Hermes boutique. This can be especially problematic if you were hoping to use the bag in a fast approaching event.

Preowned Hermes bags come in handy as a great alternative for those who wish to avoid the wait list. All you have to do is locate a pre-owned site or store, make a selection, pay up and hit the checkout button. Voila, you got your bag.

With this consideration in mind, the winner tag goes to the preowned option unopposed. However, this is not the only consideration you’ll want to make to qualify one bag as the better between the two (new and preowned). The question of budget and cost effectiveness will play out even more when it comes to buying your dream handbag. Let’s get down to details.

Custom made value vs uniqueness

When you’re buying a Hermes bag such as Birkin or Kelly from the boutique, you can completely customize it to match your desired taste. Once you have the exact picture in mind, you can place your order at the manufacturer’s boutique with these exact specifications, including the size, stitching, hardware color, interior and exterior leather color. The designers will take your specifications and create your perfect Hermes bag. Of course, you will pay a bit highly for this, but considering all the trouble the manufacturer goes through to get you the bag, you can argue that the premium cost is justified.

Such out and out customization is not possible with pre-owned Hermes bags. However, this alternative method allows you the exclusive chance to get vintage bags that are unique. You can be lucky to get your hands on leather varieties and colors that Hermes boutique does not produce anymore. Yet, you will be paying less money for that exclusive value.

In this regard, there is no obvious winner, but since both options help you achieve uniqueness, it would be best to go for the latter which lets you enjoy a discount.

Assurance of condition: new towers above the pre-loved

You are always certain of the condition of your Hermes bag if you buy it new. This means that you are certain of what you are getting in return for your money. Though most preowned Hermes bags have nearly the same pristine look and feel as their new cousins, there’s always the possibility of wear however remote that is. The obvious winner in this respect is the new Hermes bag, particularly if your definition of value for money has everything to do with the condition of the bag.

Downright cheaper alternative: pre-loved

For the buyer who defines cheap as the literal count of cash out of pocket and not relative to any other factors, pre-owned Hermes bags beat new ones hands down. Though not all sellers in the second-hand market assign the same price tag to their wares, you are always assured of saving some good figures off your budget.

Final verdict

Both new and preowned Hermes bags let you enjoy that unrivalled timeless value and exclusive craftsmanship in your bag. As far as budget is concerned, you’ll want to go for the pre-owned option to save more money, unless you are seeking value for money relative to some other consideration as we have discussed in this writeup.