Smartphone Says About Your Sense of Style

When you think about it, your smartphone does more than text, take selfies and make calls. Like it or not, it is also broadcasting to the world what type of fashionista you are. While at first blush you might reject the notion that your phone can say a lot about you and your personal sense of style, there seems to be a lot of truth to this idea. For example, check out the following makes and models of smartphones — as well as how well they are cared for — and what they might say about the person’s fashion sense.

iPhone 4

Yes, your iPhone 4 is still dependable and it gets the job done. But it’s also old and outdated. If you are hanging onto an older generation phone, you might also be less-than-current in your wardrobe, and you are probably totally fine with that idea. You are mighty comfortable with who you are and you don’t need the latest flashy gadget or spendy fashion trend to boost your confidence. You probably prefer comfy cardigans and khakis or maxi dresses with broken in sandals that are still perfectly functional, or, as Android Pit notes, you might sport that classic hipster look with ripped skinny jeans, black ankle boots and a bulky scarf around your neck.

Galaxy S7 edge

With the constant stream of “Apple this, Apple that” articles, the fact that you have chosen a Galaxy S7 edge means you are not afraid to do your own thing. Your fashion style is all your own, and you are not swayed by whatever Hollywood or designers say is the “must-have look” this season. Since this model is well-known for being water and shatter proof, you can be found on the hiking or biking trail in your workout gear, and you are confident enough to wear your yoga pants to the supermarket to pick up eggs and milk.

iPhone 6S

When it comes to smartphones, the iPhone 6S is the living embodiment of trendy, attractive and highly desirable. Not surprisingly, women who have splurged for one of the latest and greatest smartphones are not afraid to budget heavily on their fashion choices, and it shows. From your perfectly styled hair and gorgeous-yet-natural makeup to your stylish clothing and to-die-for four-inch heels, you are dressed to the nines and looking amazing every day.

Cracked Screen, Scratched Case

Your smartphone’s condition also says a lot about your style. Granted, any of us can drop our phone and have a cracked screen at any time — it is how long you are willing to live with this blemish that is more telling. If your case is scratched to heck and your phone hit the tile floor and shattered the screen a few months ago, chances are you have a pretty casual attitude about your dress. You have been known to put on yesterday’s outfit to head out to breakfast with a girlfriend and probably have more sweatshirts and gym shorts in your closet than designer couture. On the flip side, a pristine phone in perfect condition often indicates that your linen shirts are always crisply ironed and your heels are well-shined.

Color Says A Lot, Too

In addition to the make, model and condition of your smartphone, the color of phone you choose can indicate your fashion sense. As Color-Meanings notes, those who have a white phone tend to be more sophisticated with high standards for themselves—this is also reflected in the clothes that they wear. Since black is the most popular color, you might follow the fashion trends closely—or just select whatever is the most prevalent style on the racks. Trendier colors like blue, fuchsia and bright yellow may be reflected in a playful wardrobe filled with hues that you like, and are not merely the “in” colors this season.

So, what’s your style? Leave us a comment and let us know.