We have reached a pivotal point with men’s fashion in 2018. The lines between functionality and fashion have been blurred, and this can only be a positive thing. In the not so distant past, men (including myself) wore clothing directly relating to what they were doing – without a care for the word fashion. Nowadays the tables have turned, and men are becoming more and more fashion conscious.

Sportswear items, like skinny joggers, are now considered ‘urban streetwear’ and therefore compete more directly with other lower half alternatives like skinny jeans or chinos. You may have noticed more and more men recently sporting skinny joggers in public, as they are now more than acceptable to wear out and about.

In this article, we will explore both skinny jeans and joggers, and which ones to wear.

Skinny Joggers

Starting with the new kids on the block, skinny joggers.

Well, we say new kids on the block, but what we really mean is the newest fashionable lower half clothing item (doesn’t quite have the same ring). It is amazing to think that only a few years ago these comfortable, functional and newly fashionable items of clothing were only reserved for the gym and football training sessions. They had all sorts of negative stigma attached to them, seemingly associated with chav culture and other undesirables.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case.

In 2018, it is perfectly acceptable to be spotted wearing skinny joggers in public. Not only do they look good, but they feel good too. Made from light, breathable cotton, they offer your legs silky comfort and warmth – whether you are sat in the in a café, out for a walk with the dog, or down the shops doing the weekly shop. Better still, the breathable cotton material helps keep your legs cool when the weather picks up, with none of the heaviness or stiffness associated with skinny jeans.

Skinny Joggers also have medical benefits as well. Statistics have shown a decrease in the average male sperm count over recent decades – with some researchers concluding that there is a direct link between decreasing sperm count and the popularity of skinny jeans. Whether this is true or not, even the skinniest joggers offer plenty more freedom of movement than the average pair of skinny jeans.

Skinny Jeans

Although skinny joggers have experienced unprecedented recent popularity, this is not to say denim has had its day. In fact, variety is the spice of life, so it is important to have a varied fashion sense. Skinny jeans still look great and certainly have a huge place in male fashion. They perfectly bridge the gap between joggers and trousers, acting as a great option for smart casual looks.

Jeans have been around for decades and have always adapted to new fashion trends. Ripped skinny jeans are hugely popular at the moment, providing a ‘don’t care look’ which coincidentally looks great.

When you are out on the town, skinny joggers just wouldn’t cut it. They are acceptable to wear in most public places, apart from when you are going that extra mile to impress. Because they still have the functionality for gyms, they may never be truly accepted in fine restaurants, bars or clubs.

What to Wear?

This boils down to personal preference, it’s whatever you want to wear that day! It is as simple as that. Joggers are acceptable in most places, so therefore can be worn when leaving the house, but jeans are always and will always be a fashionable clothing item.

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