If you’re thinking of investing in a loose diamond to create your own piece of jewelry with, or buying a piece of diamond jewelry ready made, then knowing the right type of diamond for you is important. This guide will help you to narrow down your choices once and for all!

Your Style, Lifestyle, And Personality

Before you even look at diamonds, you need to consider yourself first. What is your usual style? If you’re a classy lady who likes to wear traditional pieces, you’re going to want to let that be known with your diamond. If you like to do things a little differently, going for something unique is a great idea.

However, it isn’t just your style and personality that matters. Your lifestyle is important too. If you are the person who does most of the chores at home, for example, you don’t want to buy a diamond that will get in the way of that or become damaged by it. If you’re heavy handed, you’re going to need something that will stay sturdy even years after purchase. Now let’s look at the different kinds of diamonds!

Colored Diamonds

Diamonds can come in a variety of colors, and getting a colored diamond can sometimes be far more exciting than getting a classic diamond. One thing to bear in mind is that these diamonds aren’t ‘pure’: something has occurred in them to cause the color. You can get blue, yellow, orange, and red diamonds, but the list goes on. If you have a favorite color that you just love to wear, a colored diamond is right up your street!

Classic Diamonds

Classic diamonds are usually totally transparent, and have a variety of beautiful colors inside when the light hits them. However, these diamonds are usually pretty pricey. You can look at the Diamond Prices Calculator – Free Wholesale Diamond Price List to see how much you should expect to spend on one. That being said, they always look gorgeous and go with just about everything, day or night. People will know that this is a real diamond, but those who wear colored diamonds may have people think they are wearing a different gemstone. This may not be a problem for some, but for others it can be an annoyance!

Diamond Shapes

You haven’t just got the diamond color and price to think about. There are a handful of different diamond shapes depending on what you’re looking for. Take a look at these!

  • Square – the square diamond isn’t quite traditional, but isn’t exactly brand new either. It’s great for those who love the sharper look with their stones, and want a good cut!
  • Princess cut – the princess cut is super pretty and can definitely give a vintage feel if the ring is the right style.
  • Marquis – this shape is a little different, so it’s perfect for those who want a diamond but love an alternative look at the same time.
  • Cushion – another shape that will remind you of beautiful antique rings.
  • Pear – a gorgeous diamond shape for those who want something that makes a statement without being too in your face.
  • Radiant – another shape that has antique/vintage qualities.
  • Oval – a pretty traditional shape, but still more interesting than round!
  • Heart – very different. Few people go for this shape as some think it can look tacky, however, others think it’s the cutest!
  • Emerald – a gorgeous antique/vintage shape.
  • Asscher – in many modern rings you’ll see today.
  • Round – a very traditional shape for those who love classic diamonds!