Some healthy foods can miraculously make you look pretty and young. These healthy foods can make your skin glow and keep your body healthy. If you are looking for healthy diet, these 7 healthy foods will definitely make your skin glow, make them look pretty and young.

7 Healthy Foods To Look Pretty & Young

Healthy Foods For Younger Looking Body

Rather than heading out for spa why not head towards your refrigerator and eat healthy foods that can give your same effects of spa. What’s best is this method is pretty cheap too. All you have to do is induce these healthy foods in your diet on a regular basis.

Studies suggests that these healthy foods can strengthen your hair, make your skin glow and prevent dull nails. You can opt them with your man, since they work equally good for both women and men.

Vegetables & Plenty of Water For Nails

Women spend anywhere between $100-$500 on pedicures and manicures a month. Do you know that only by drinking 3-5 liter water a day you can get naturally pink nails. Now, all you need to do is give yourself a protein diet. Vegetables and fruits are great source of protein, you can also try turkey soup. Not only these protein will full you up, the less calories will help you get perfect waistline.

Guava For Glowing Skin

You don’t necessarily be worried only about calories, what about your skin? Guavas are known containers of antioxidant which counteracts free radicals in human body. Such free radicals make your skin dull and make it look prematurely old. Since Guavas hold 5 times more vitamin C than orange why not give Guava a try. Many beauty experts have already extracted the Guava mash and selling as facial scrubs due to it’s skin benefits.

Eggs for Shiny Hair

Eggs are great source of high iron (good for hair fall) and sulfur (which makes your hair smooth). Induce eggs either omelets or boiled in your diet. Some say that eggs even prevent a hangover. Now, you know why many beauticians recommend applying the white part of an egg on your hair? Well, importance of eggs for hair tresses is simply amazing.

Beetroot For Better Digestion

Beetroot is a great source of Betaine a bio-active agent that simply break down fats. Beetroot also has chlorine (a form of chlorine) that helps in digestion. You can drink beetroot juice in the morning with little black salt to spice it up. you can also eat beetroot in salad for better digestion.

Spinach For Eyes

Spinach is super rich in the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which together form an oily, yellow substance at a central point of the retina known as the macula.

Macular pigments (yellow oil) is thought to protect the macula from age-related macular degeneration. Since, spinach is a healthy food and very good for eyes, why not induce it in your diet.

Red Cabbage

Red Cabbage or bright purple cabbage is a great source of iodine and sulfur which helps in internal cleaning of our body. If bathing is for external cleaning, red cabbage will help you achieve internal cleaning from toxins.

Bananas For Healthy Skin

Bananas are great source or vitamin A, B and E that tremendously help in keeping the elasticity in your skin. Since they are high on calories, you can have them based on your discussion with a dietician.

You can also try super food combinations to keep you healthy. You will surprised to know that there are various diet foods that make you fat. Also learn which refined foods to avoid to stay healthy.

Tips for Healthy Diet

Following tips will help you keep a tab on your eating habits and diet.

  • Always observe what you eat
  • Never skip your breakfast
  • Never skip lunch, as that’s not healthy for your body
  • Introduce Vegetables & whole wheat products for dinner
  • Avoid Oily foods for better skin

So, what’s your way of staying healthy and eating healthy foods? Please leave us comment and share your views with us.