Treating your feet to a nice pair of socks may be just what you need to enjoy comfort when you go walking or running. Shoes that are new, old, or doesn’t fit properly can cause problems for your feet, such as blisters, and having the right kind of socks can remedy certain foot issues. Also wearing the wrong socks can have its own issues as well. Socks come in all different fabrics, colors, patterns and silhouettes that go with a particular type of shoes. In every man’s drawer should be comfortable socks that will keep his feet cool, dry, odor free and protected. Let’s look at what comfortable socks can do for you.

Protecting the Feet’s Skin and Soft Tissues

The skin of the feet and/or the fat pads can become injured (e.g. calluses and athlete’s foot) and affect your mobility. Chafing and abrasion can affect the outer layer of the feet’s skin, while impact, pressure and shear forces can do damage to the underlying layers of the skin as well. These kinds of issues can be prevented if you wear proper socks that provide comfort through adequate thickness and cushion under the fat pads beneath your toes, the balls of the feet and the heel.

Prevent Fungal Infection of the Feet 

The sweat glands of your feet can attract bacteria that can cause infection, which is not an uncommon occurrence. If your feet are warm and sweaty because you are wearing poor quality socks that traps moisture on the skin, the result can be the development of infections like athlete’s foot. When wearing socks on a regular basis, either for work, or sport related activities, you are likely to become more prone to sweaty, grimy feet that can cause the growth of bacteria. You need breathable socks, like one made from merino wool that will absorb the moisture, keeping your feet cool, dry and comfortable. This way you will keep bacteria and foot fungus at bay.

Tackles Smelly Feet 

Smelly feet with socks on or off is not a comfortable feeling. A lack of ventilation for your feet is the primary source of smelly feet. Smelly feet aren’t partial to any person, but your socks of choice can minimize your chances of developing foot odor. A lot of moisture can get trapped against your feet if the perspiration has no where to evaporate. The bacteria that take up residence on the skin of the feet eats the sweat and in the process, produce isovaleric acid, which causes the odor. Choosing the right men’s socks that provide proper ventilation and allows the feet to breathe can help to prevent you from having smelly feet.

Your feet play an important role in your daily life and you must do what is necessary to keep them healthy and comfortable. It is possible to have great socks that can provide incredible comfort, and protection against the development of foot injury, odor and fungal infection. You don’t have to suffer on style, color or pattern when seeking comfortable socks. Sock up your feet in comfort and style.