party_bluesNew year is round the corner and you are preparing for whole night party. You generally love to party have couple of glasses but curse yourself in the morning because of the hangover. Hangovers cause your mouth as dry as an oatcake, lingering headache, nausea, crippling tiredness etc. Ideally its up to you to handle your drinks. You can avoid drinking or consuming alcohol at all but its too tempting to avoid. Here are few points which you should know to cope up with hangover.

How’s your appetite holding up?.

History is awash with hangover remedies. The ancient Romans ate deep-fried canaries to cure hangovers. The Greeks ate sheep’s lungs. Eating boiled cabbage before a binge was  widely thought to be best preventative  in ancient times. Medieval period touts the combination of eel and bitter almonds. And today, there are oysters, greasy fry-ups, sugary tea and black coffee.

Hangovers are no fun

Too much alcohol can give you a hangover with many unpleasant symptoms. It is true that most hangovers go away within eight-24 hours. But, the symptoms such as thirst,headache and muscle ache, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, rapid heart beat , sensitivity to light and sound, dizziness, shakiness, mod disturbance, depression, irritation or anxiety and fatigue make you feel miserable.

The signs show within several hours after last drink. As your absorbs alcohol, the stomach lining can get irritated. Also Alcohol on your brain. it slows down your mental processes making you swagger and talk after a few drinks to many. Alcohol is a mild diuretic: makes you lose water and gets you dehydrated.

About 75 percent of people who drink to intoxication will end up with a hangover. It depends upon what you drank and how much you drank to experience a hangover. However just one drink may trigger a hangover in you while others drinking heavily may escape it entirely. A genetic variation which effects the way alcohol is metabolized may make some people flush, sweat or become ill after drinking even a small amount of alcohol.

More than3-5 drinks in women and over 5-6 for a man can result in hangover. And yet there is no magic formula that tells you how much you can safely drink to avoid hangover.


  • – Drink a glass of milk and eat a fatty meal before you venture out for a party. this will slow the absorption of alcohol.
  • – Smoking, loud music and flashing lights contribute to hangover headaches.
  • – Go slow on drinking. Do not drink inn excess.
  • – Avoid mixing of drinks .
  • – Choose your drinks carefully. Avoid carbonated drinks such as champagne and drink mixers such as those with club soda.
  • – Alternate water or non-fizzy soft drinks with alcohol drinks. Water prevents dehydration and helps  in slowing down alcohol absorption.
  • – Take an antacid before you sleep.
  • – The day after, pain relievers can ease your headache.

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