There has been some connection between sleeping positions and your personality for years, as studies and research reveal discoveries about your personal traits through your natural sleeping habits. They can provide an insight into your body language, and while it’s mostly just for fun, your sleeping position can also help to recognize any underlying stresses you’re dealing with!

We know that stress can have a huge impact on our sleep, meaning we often toss and turn through the night and wake up irritable. By understanding how we sleep, it could make a difference to our habits leading up to bed time and even help you to make a change. The position you choose to sleep in can even make or break how rested you feel in the morning. There have been countless surveys into sleep behaviors, with Sealy having carried out its own research last year. So, what does your sleeping position say about you?

Leftie loungers and right side relaxers

Sealy’s sleep survey of 5000 people in the UK revealed some interesting traits about those who choose to sleep on their left or right sides. They found a pattern; sleeping on your left side was the most popular sleeping position, with 36% of respondents. Those who sleep on their left are likely to work in marketing or advertising, and are more likely to be university educated!

34% of respondents sleep on their right side. The survey revealed that ‘righties’ work in transport or manufacturing, and are more likely to be heavy smokers and drink more caffeine than those in other sleep positions.

Foetal position

Another very popular choice, the foetal position is adopted by women more than men. It imitates being in the womb with your knees curled up towards your chest, and is a protective position. Associated personality traits with this position include being shy but friendly, with foetal sleepers often having a tough exterior but are soft on the inside! These sleepers are also usually very organized.

Starfish position

The starfish position has become a popular joke for those who are single, as they can take advantage of having the whole bed to themselves! Sleeping in the starfish position means you have a better chance of waking up feeling refreshed. Personality traits in this category often refer to good listening skills and shying away from the spotlight. In other words, starfish sleepers are often more introverted than other positions.

Solider position

This sleeping position consists of sleeping on your back with your arms by your side, like a solider stood to attention. While this position can sometimes contribute to snoring, the personality traits of a soldier sleeper include knowing your goals, striving for a higher standard and often reserved. Soldier sleepers often have high demands, both of themselves and those around them.

Freefall position

This sleeping position is somewhat of a hybrid; sleepers tend to lie on their stomachs with their head turned and arms wrapped around their pillow. You essentially look like a skydiver with your arms above your head! Personality traits associated with this position include sociable, bold but not dealing with criticism very well.