women 5 money saving habitsDo you feel overspending these days? Are you really fed up with balancing your monthly budget? It happens to the best of us. Saving money doesn’t have to be that tricky. People generally spend too much on items which really aren’t that necessary without even realizing. For an example if you spend $5 a day on McDonald or Pizza hut you end up paying $150 in a month. On the other hand if you pack your lunch from home you can save $150 in a month. There are simple tips you can implement for your daily schedule that will help you save money.

If you maintain and keep a fair balance between your expenditures and savings you will surely find that your account balance is growing gradually.

Although, saving money is something which requires self balance, control, and inner will; still with little bit of efforts and concentration you can save a lot for your better future. Here are 5 habit which will help you to save money.

5 Habit Which Saves Money

  1. Check Your Account Balance: Reviewing your online bank account statement on a daily basis means you’ll know when something looks suspicious. Whether it’s a $21 purchase at shoppers stop in Lace or $1500 plane tickets to London, you’ll easily be able to know illegal purchases immediately. It’s also a good idea to keep checking your own expenditures.
  2. Make Your Own Coffee: Rather than heading towards the costly Barista for a cup of tea or coffee, make your own tea or coffee at home. Making this a daily habit will save you big bucks over time. We all know how to prepare tea or coffee at home so why spend $2-10 for a cup of coffee. You can spend occasionally but make sure it’s not a regular expense.
  3. Dine at Home: A $5 passageway restaurant one day and a $7.99 McDonald’s meal next really will add up. In just a week, eating at home or packing your lunch can save a minimum of $20.
  4. Do Not Pay By Credit Cards: Reducing your reliance on credit credit is a good thing. If you can’t pay cash, ask yourself if it’s a purchase you really want to make. Forcing yourself to pay cash means you’re committing to living within your means. Withdraw just enough cash to take care of the requirements each week and keep those credit cards safe for urgency. Whenever you pay by card you are charged service tax, small interest and other taxes levied by the government, so why to pay all that when you can simply use cash or debit card.
  5. Put Some in Savings: Make this easier on yourself by setting up an automatic process. If you have direct deposit, assign a certain percentage or dollar amount of each pay check to go right into your savings account. Chances are, you won’t miss the money but you’ll be making a saving habit.

Some say why to save money when you have your future insured but just answer yourself whether every thing you would face in life is really insured. Keeping a bank balance helps you in securing your life and you will find yourself in a better position in case of urgency. Leave me a comment and share your money sving habits with us. Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS for FREE.