shopping_recessisionWith festive season in full flow and many families struggling with economic uncertainty, the joy of gift buying and party hosting may be lost. However, setting a budget can help people cope with the struggling situation.

Focusing on the meaning of holidays could help ward off depression and anxiety triggered by financial stress. Keeping perspective on the purpose of the holidays is key. Remember that this is a time to express appreciation, love and togetherness, and that doesn’t have to mean spending the big bucks.

Hand made holiday cards and gifts, as well as get together at home, could be the alternative to lavish presents and parties that sometimes cause emotional as well as financial stress.

Buying gifts that put more pressure on the budget probably won’t make you happy, and it’s important to keep in mind that it’s most likely not the cost of the gift that is important to the receiver, considering those gifts that often mean most but don’t cost a penny.  Written words can deliver a lot more power at much less cost. The season offers many opportunities for joy and celebration.

The challenge is to acknowledge and address the potentially negative aspects of the season beforehand. By being flexible, dealing with the ‘here and now’, having a sense of humor and trying to be as compassionate and forgiving as you can, it is possible to have a happy and rewarding holiday season ahead.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy holidays season more fully by beating the economic downturn

  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Let others share the responsibilities.
  • No one person in the family should be burdened by managing the budgeting and shopping, party planning, cooking and activities.
  • Make a list of, prioritize the activities that are more important to you and make time for those. This strategy will help budget your time and your money. There is no ideal or model for a perfect holiday. Feel free to create you own unique way to celebrate. Don’t lose sight of the meaningful moments of the season. Look for them, and be optimistic that you will find them.
  • Participating in something meaningful during the holidays can help fight the blues.
  • Spend time with Supportive and caring people. Reach out to others who may benefit from your support.
  • Don’t try to mimic the lifestyle of your friends and don’t try to compete with them. They may be having good bank balance or hefty income and while competing you may be spending more which eventually affects your budget drastically.
  • Make promises to your kids that we will be going out later but not this year, make sure you don’t make hollow promises.

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