Once you’ve bought your shiny, brand new motorhome, you’ll no doubt be itching to start planning your first trip. Whether it’s an investment for the 2 of you to enjoy your retirement, or you want to take the kids away without any hassle, a motorhome is an investment that you can take advantage of for years to come. With that in mind, a new motorhome is something that you’ll want to keep in good condition for as long as you can.

Looking after your new motorhome can be a timely task but it’s so important if you want your leisure vehicle to last. Of course, with it being a new vehicle, it will be somewhat easier to maintain its condition, but there are still some points to consider.

Making sure your new motorhome is road-worthy

Once you’ve bought your new motorhome, you must first make sure it is road-worthy and legal! The last thing you need is to be pulled over as soon as you start your adventure. Make sure you have taxed your motorhome and that you have adequate insurance. There are a number of things to think about when insuring your motorhome, including different policies and insurance excess.

You also need to make sure you have the correct driving license to get behind the wheel of your motorhome. Depending on the size of your vehicle, you may need a category C1 license.

Once your motorhome is legal to be on the road, you can make your way to your first of many destinations!

Checking your motorhome

Before you go on any trip in your new motorhome, you should remember to carry out a list of checks to ensure everything is working as it should. This ensures your vehicle is completely safe at all times and reduces your risk of breaking down or having an accident!

Check for any leaks in or around your motorhome; they can often appear at windows, doors and seals. If any of them have been damaged, you could be at risk of a leak. You should also check for signs of damp. Mould and mildew can be a huge problem with motorhomes; if you spot watermarks, mould or a musty smell then open all doors and windows to air your motorhome. Regularly clean and vacuum your motorhome to avoid the appearance of mould, and ensure the vehicle is ventilated well, especially after cooking and showering.

Making sure your tyres are still in good condition before every trip is crucial. Check for any bulging, cracking or low tread as they can all lead to a blowout on the road! If you haven’t travelled in it for some time, make sure the tyre pressure is topped up suitably before heading off anywhere.

Long-term care for your motorhome

Having a motorhome is a long-term investment, so you should consider some long-term care advice. Remember that it’s probably the mechanical parts of your motorhome that are likely to go wrong first, so make sure your motorhome engine is always topped up with oil and quality fuel to help it run smoothly. Don’t forget door hinges and window frames to make sure everything stays in good condition.

The interior of your motorhome is your home-away-from-home with some big components, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Making sure you maintain everything can make a difference to the vehicle’s appearance and will reduce the need for any repairs. Take care of your upholstery and clean appliances regularly!