When you have a baby, it may be hard to keep your savings intact. There are some tips below that will help you keep your cash in your pocket. You should create a lifestyle plan that makes it easy to save money and plan ahead before the baby is even born. Yes, you can save money after the baby is born, but it makes more sense to start the moment you find out you are pregnant.

Breastfeed And Make Baby Food

When you have your baby, you should breastfeed and make your own baby food. Making your own baby food can be a bit of an adventure because you can choose organic and natural products to use for every jar of baby food. Plus, you can breastfeed so that you are not spending money on formula. You can even get a small fridge for the house that you can use for breast milk. That fridge could go in your child’s room one day.

If you are still pregnant, you need to make a decision that you are ready to breastfeed and make baby food. Anyone who is planning ahead can buy cheap jars, all the products they need, and the breast pump that is needed for breastfeeding. The money that you spend on a breast pump will help you create a lot of milk very quickly. Plus, you can use the pump to “pump and dump” if you ever want to have a night out with your spouse.

Use Coupons and Rebate Programs for Baby Items

As you start buying baby products, you should search for coupons that will keep your costs down. Coupons are often available because baby stores know that women are having children throughout the year. You should sign up for the mailing list for every baby store that you like, and you should sign up for the mailing list of other companies that sell baby items you need.

Also, you should look for big-ticket items that have rebate codes or forms. Every time you fill out a rebate form, you get some money back. Plus, some rebate forms allow you to get a free gift. Make sure that you have searched for products that have rebates before you start spending a lot of money.

Take Any Extra Items from Friends and Family

There are likely family members and friends who have leftover items from their kids. If you have a friend that has a lot of baby clothes, you can save a ton of money on clothing. You might take a secondhand crib because it is in good condition. You might get an old rocking chair from your grandparents, or you could get a dresser from a friend.

Ask for toys and baby items that will be useful. You might have a friend who has an old stroller they do not use, or you could ask a friend if they have some big baby toys they no longer need.

When the time comes, you can hand these items down to a friend who has just had a baby. You want to keep the pipeline of free items open because you and all your friends can save money.

Plan for Emergencies

Baby emergencies happen, and the unexpected can happen when a new parent least expects it.  When much of your savings is going toward your new baby, you may find yourself in times of unexpected financial strain. Sometimes emergencies arise, and what you’ve put into your savings may not be enough to cover it. Do your research on backup financial options, like borrowing from direct payday lenders or taking out a cash advance, should you find yourself facing an unexpected emergency without the funds on hand to cover it. These short-term resources can help get you through the tough times, while keeping your long-term focus on building your family.


Planning for a baby can be difficult and expensive, but there is a way to keep your family financially comfortable and provide for your child. Look for rebates and coupons. Ask your friends and family for secondhand items and breastfeed to save money. Every step you take makes it easier for you to keep money in your pocket, and you can continue to save that money for the future.