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Parenting Pregnancy Ninth Month Of Pregnancy – 35 to 40 Weeks Pregnancy

Ninth Month Of Pregnancy: In the last month i.e. the ninth month of pregnancy the organ development has finished though if the baby was to be born in the 36th week, he/she will have to be kept in an incubator as the skin does not have enough fat yet. Once developed, the lungs release a substance called surfactants. You will experience the baby’s knees and elbows bumping around in the uterus and a few gentle kicks here and there.

The weight gaining process is faster with the baby. He/she gains half a pound every week and expected to be born any day between 37th to 40th weeks. A baby not born till the 40th week or later than that is called a post term or post date baby. Mostly your baby would have turned and settle his head in the pelvis which is the ideal position for birth.

Ninth Month Of Pregnancy – What to Expect & Symptoms

  • Itching on the abdomen and breasts soreness will continue till you give birth. Use a good moisturizing lotion to do away with dryness and cleansing and massaging your breasts is recommended.
  • You will find your energy levels fluctuating. You will one moment find yourself feeling tiring and then very excited. Try to take it easy. It the last month of pregnancy and soon your baby will be in your arms and healthy provided you keep eating a good diet and take good care of yourself.
  • You would find Braxton Hinks will be more frequent. If you start feeling the frequency is too fast, contact your doctor immediately.

What you must do during the Ninth Month Of Pregnancy

In case you have crossed your due date and still don’t feel any contractions or see your water breaking, do not worry or get excited about doing something. Often a lot pregnant women try to use home remedies to push them in to labour. Do not try anything rash or best do not try to do anything. Your baby will only be with you once he/she signals your body for birthing. Post term babies are normal. They can be born two weeks before due day or later than that.
If you are a working pregnant woman, take maternity leave and leave your affairs in an organized way so that someone can take care of your work. Dedicate certain timing for calls and leave a message for only emergency calls to be put through. Answer your mails while the baby is sleeping and balance your work and rest. Ample rest is without doubt very important.

Be it your baby is post date or you are just beginning with the ninth month of pregnancy, stock your freezer with lot easy to cook food and meals so that were you to go into labor any day, you do not have to worry about later. Your baby will need all the attention and time once you’ve given birth. Pack two bags and keep in advance for you and your baby of necessary items needed at hospital and for a few changes.

P.S. Don’t forget a camera and camcorder and batteries; you don’t want to miss any of it.

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  1. i am a pregnant lady running nineth month i have itching over my body which becomes redissh is it usual or doctor to be consulted what is the reason for itching

  2. Itching in last few months of pregnancy is normal because by this time your stomach expands to it’s limit. When your stomach expands the skin of the stomach stretches which causes itching. You should use excessive olive oil or Strechnil cream on your stomach thrice a day. If redness doesn’t go in 2 days you should consult your doctor.

  3. I m pregent of 9th month (38 wk running) my afi 9, mydoctorr told it is low, there is no chances of normal delivery or if we wait for 2wk will b emergency. Can u tell me true or our doctor trying to do cesiarian?

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