Mehndi looks awesome on hands, shoulders, legs, palms and if use creatively it looks gorgeous on other parts of the body too. Learn how to make henna powder, henna paste, henna cone and how to apply Mehndi (Henna) on your body to look amazing.

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For making your Mehndi (Henna) you can simply buy henna from the market or you can dry henna leaves in the shade for making your own henna powder. Drying henna leaves is a lengthy process, as it may take weeks to dry and get crisp. If you aren’t too specific about making your own henna powder you can simply buy a quality henna powder.

How To Prepare Henna Paste

Given below are the ingredients which you will require to make henna powder.

  1. Properly sieved henna powder – Use a muslin cloth to sieve the henna powder. Make sure there is no residue left as it can block the Mehndi  cone.
  2. Well strained strong tea decoction.
  3. Add few drops of eucalyptus oil
  4. Also add some strained lime juice.
  5. For better results add 1-2 table spoon of sugar.

Take the henna powder in a bowl, add the tea till it becomes a thick paste (similar to a dough). Add eucalyptus oil, sugar and lime juice and mix well to make it into a smooth and thin paste. Leave it covered over night or during the day if you prefer to apply in the night.

How to Make a Henna (Mehndi) Cone

Ready made henna cones are also available in the market but if you wish to make one at home take a rectangle 7″ X 4 shape thick plastic (freezer bag plastic etc) . Start twisting the bag from  one corner so as to make a cone from it . Tighten the tip to make a tiny hole in it. Your Henna cone is ready now. Fill the cone with the henna  paste, and tie the border tightly by using a rubber band or a thread.

Use your Mehndi cone and apply Mehndi on your palms, hands, shoulder or legs depending upon the occasion. You can be creative and innovative while making a Mehndi designs or can simply browse our Mehndi design section for stylish and trendy Mehndi design ideas.

Making Mehndi Cone Video Tutorial

How To Get A Darker Mehndi Color

  • You should leave the Mehndi for minimum 3-5 hours to get a darker color. The longer you let your hand dry deeper the color will be.
  • Mix lemon juice and sugar in ½ ratio. Apply on semi dried Mehndi to get better results. Moreover this will also help your Henna to stay wet for longer duration.
  • Keep your hands away from water as long as possible to get better results.
  • Do not use water to wash the Mehndi once it dried. It’s better if you use a spoon or knife to remove Mehndi coat.
  • Apply sesame oil on your hands and leave it for ½ hour to get a darker color.

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