The fashion world is constantly changing. What’s popular in one year might not be the next, and old styles can come back with a new twist. Trends also have a habit of coming in cycles, meaning we repeatedly see the same styles return.

Whether you’re attending a wedding or like to keep tabs on what’s new in wedding attire, it can be helpful to know which style trends will be big soon. Here are six trendy styles you can expect at weddings in 2022.

1. Princess Ball Gowns

This style was trendy in the ’80s but is still making a comeback. While ball gowns today are seldom sheer, they’re commonly embellished with long beaded straps or a veil. The style is also known to have longer trains than it once did.

Sweetheart gowns are also seen at weddings today, but they feature a high neckline that is not covered by the veil. The wedding gown tends to feature long sleeves and a long train, which might shorten during the ceremony and reception to make way for the first dances or bouquet tosses. They are timeless and classic.

2. Custom Pantsuits

The formerly all-encompassing term “pantsuit” has now been reduced to just the word “suit.” This change in trend is due to its long history as a widespread bridal fashion choice. Though these suits would be appropriate for many different occasions, it’s most commonly seen at weddings.

3. Flash Photography

How many have wedding photos on the dresser and not uploaded to social media? With the quickening pace of digital photography, flash photography has become more popular to catch all the amazing details of your wedding day.

The idea is to create a bright effect using an LED light source or flashes for photo taking, combined with natural or ambient lighting. This can be an innovative way to capture your wedding memories and keep them fresh for many years after your big day.

4. Plated Tables for Weddings

Plated tables are a simple yet elegant way to set up a wedding reception. These unique centerpieces feature a table base made of stainless steel, then decorated with decorative items such as flowers or tabletop candles that fit right into their holders. These pieces are so versatile that they can be used at many different weddings in place of traditional centerpieces.

5. Private Wedding Vows

The traditional wedding vows are often too long for some couples, and not all want to say them publicly. You can get married without exchanging your wedding vows by having a private ceremony. You can write your own or customize the pre-written vows. This is an excellent option if you don’t want to repeat the same words or are worried about getting emotional while you say them.

6. Floral Print Dresses for Bridesmaids

While floral prints are a timeless favorite, they also make a great choice for bridesmaids. Most bridesmaid dresses feature a floral print of some kind and can be tailored to suit any wedding’s color scheme.


The new wedding fashion is constantly emerging as trends shift, and new ideas develop. Different details can make an outfit stand out even within a specific style, such as rustic or formal.

While it is nearly impossible to predict what new wedding fashions will emerge, the above trends are already making strides in 2022. The result is that weddings have become exciting events with a suitably modern finish.