7 Dressing Tips For Women Over 50 - Dress with ageless style

Are you over 50 and suddenly started feeling that fashion is not for you anymore? Well, as per studies women over 50 think they are tool old for fashion so they simply start opting dull clothes, apply very little or no makeup at all; there are exceptions too. In many countries even working women over 50 are seen wearing very light or no makeup at all, their clothing also sports very old and dull look. The question is WHY? Why you think there is no need to dress and style yourself at this stage of life.

Fashion is par beyond age boundaries and everyone can be fashionable to keep up with the latest trends, styles and keep up even with much younger women. Keep in mind that it’s all about visualizing yourself and feeling young at heart.

It’s a no-brainier that fashion trends change with time and they cater to different needs, age group and people. 18 year old girl (with svelte body) can sport a look which may look pretty odd on a 50 year old woman and vice-versa.

How To Dress With Ageless Style

Learn how to dress with ageless style, with these fashionable clothing tips for women over 50. Always keep in mind that there is a little girl hidden in every woman, so stay cool and keep looking stylish and trendy even after 50.

  1. Just avoid those tight outfits if possible as these dresses sometimes doesn’t look elegant on women over 50. It is always better to choose clothes which are right fit in order to look elegant. When choosing clothes simply look for better fabrics, better cuts which makes a better fit.
  2. You can wear tunic with sleeves and avoid flashy strapless, one shoulder and halter dresses. For some occasions these dresses look cool but if that’s not your style you can simply avoid.
  3. Do not wear dresses which are meant for an 18-20 year old girl. Always wear comfortable clothes which suits your style.
  4. Choose bolder, bigger accessories than using many jewelry items. A one bold, strong jewelry is more chick and apt for your age.
  5. Do not opt for very low cuts, short or plunging neckline dresses as they may look very odd on woman over 50. Fashion doesn’t mean you have to flash your skin all the time. You can wear such dresses occasionally but try to go for little longer skirts if possible. If your legs have started showing aging signs why not opt for trendy pants which covers what you want to hide. If your legs aren’t showing signs of aging you can try shorts (to the knee) skirt that shows off a great pair of legs. For some women these also helps in taking attention away from their shapeless middle part of their body.
  6. Always opt for bold and classical design dresses with small prints and stripes. Urban fashion for aged women includes trench coats, turtlenecks, A-line skirts, waist-length jackets, shirt dresses, eternal blue jeans, gowns with classy shrugs etc.
  7. Do not wear leather dresses like jackets, miniskirts, low waist jeans or Capri’s as these are for younger generation; it might not look cool on a woman over 50. Since, leather accessories, jackets are back in fashion, so choose as per your style.
  8. Bonus Tip: Women with larger breast may face issues with wrap dress fits. Some wrap dresses (not all) are so low-cut that they make a woman look more slutty than sexy. If you still want to wear wrap dress on an occasion wear a cami underneath. Also, right bra size is vital.

Makeup Tips for Women Over 50


Eyeliner is very feminine and you should use it often. Simply apply eyeliner above the top lashes as a very thin line. Eyelid should be lighter in color and not very dark. Most importantly eyeliner should be chosen based on your complexion.

Lip Liner

Use lip liner cautiously as it gives an aging effect. Alternatively, you can also wear neutral colors to cheat the lip line.

Lip Gloss

It would be wise if you mix little color in your lip gloss especially if you are over 50.

Eye Shadow shimmers

There is a wide variety of eye shadow shimmers available in the market which aren’t creepy anymore. Don’t hesitate to use little shimmer and try a new look.


Apply contouring colors under your neck and chin to shadow the area back. Moreover, to lift the face little up, simply apply highlighting colors above your jawline or bottom of the cheek.

When you reach at 50 you enter into a different fashion world altogether so its better to stay in your world. If you look around you will notice numerous looks you can try even at this stage of life. If time permits why not mix a match, play with your looks a little. Do not try to compete with a 18-20 year old girl who tries weird stuff all the time.

There are various fashion role models for women over 50 who looks calm and classic with good looks. Just think about Helen Mirren, Ann Margaret, Susan Sarandon, Faye Dunaway or Diana Keaton for their casual, elegant and fashion sense.

So, how you dress with ageless style? We would love to hear your own experiences, dressing tips for women over 50. Please leave us a comment and let us know.

  • cjwills

    I think your fashion tips for women over fifty are dull, stupid and condescending.  What do you mean by “Always wear comfortable clothes with dull colors?”  Yeah, right.  Because I am over 50 I must wear comfortable, dull clothing. Crawl back in your hole and stop giving any fashion tips. Life is tough enough when you get older; we do not need your depressing fashion diatribes for women over 50 to make it worse. Hang it up! Think light and bright, sisters!!!

  • I think you have misunderstood the article. We have emphasized on

    “Many working women over 50 are seen wearing very light or no makeup at all, their clothing also sports very old and dull look. Why you think that there is no need to dress and style yourself at this stage of life.”

    So, the article is more about being stylish even after 50. And by “dull colors” we mean light and pleasant colors. You don’t want to wear colors worn by teenagers do you?

  • Very condescending and useless. Amazing how the Internet can let any fourteen year old consider herself an editor.

  • Texcalgal

    This article is so poorly written and has so many grammatical errors, I believe it was either translated from another language, or it’s author has english as a second language.  It’s probably not meant to be as offensive as it actually its, but it is certainly useless at best.  To the author, please seriously consider another line of work.  I do not understand how this article was even published.

  • BJ

    Choose another vocation because writing is going to work for you.  Not only is your article full of errors, the entire message is so ridiculous that I had to re-read it to see if it was meant as a joke.

  • Vinnie Mc

    Here are my few cents on this:

    1. Use little face powder or concealers on your lips before you apply lipstick, it helps lipstick stay on longer.
    2. Cream blush – not too pink.  Matte look is sooo aging
    3. Use damp makeup sponge for applying foundation, it doesn’t let the foundation look too heavy.
    4. Use stem distilled water (cold) for cleansing the face.
    5. You can use henna rather than colors filled with chemicals to color  your hair.

    Mostly importantly, be happy and proud on yourself.

  • Susan

    How can we forget Elizabeth Taylor in one of her interview she mentioned “taking your fingertip and brushing it over your lipstick to use as a matching blush.  That way, your blush always matches and it blends wonderfully”.

    I tried her tip and every time it worked wonderfully for me.

  • Schoyle

    I am a wome of 51, I wear jewel colors, and bold jewerly wit classic styles, I try to stay away from trends such as low rider jeans and short skirts, I have long legs so I find skirts that graze my knees work best.

  • That’s perfect and if it’s suits you stick with it. But occasionally you should give yourself a little different look, don’t you think?

  • lisa

    there are too many grammatical and spelling errors in this article to read it without cringing……….as well as the fact that the suggestions are boring and quite frankly useless

  • lisa

    p.s. I am a surfer, a skier and a downhill mountainbiker and I am 53. I have waist-lenth blond hair and have a very good figure, which is showing signs of aging. I dress very sporty and sexy, and when I go tight, I where black and avoid anything even nearing the idea of cutsy or froo froo………i wear low cut jeans with clingy tshirts and flip flops on the weekends and fabulous high heels and classic but form fitting suits at work. I am making the most of what I have while I have it, and just keep it very basic with maybe a stunning piece of jewelry.

  • Suze

    hi, i hit 51 this year! And although I am lucky enough to have inherited my late mums lovely skin, I also have been consigned to a fashion wilderness for the fifties brigade. The one thing no one has mentioned in ANY of these blogs, is not only your figure and skin change, but you can lose confidence for no apparent reason, I speak from experience, I am trying not to be too negative, but in this youth obsessed world, realizing that you have become a little transparent if not invisible, is certainly not a confidence booster. This is why so many older women go over the top with dressing either inappropriately or dressing too young or tarty, it is just a vain attempt to grab just a little bit of our sparkle back, sad but true. So until attitudes change, there will always be an ageism problem. Mick Jagger quotes ” Youth do not have the monopoly on fun”

  • Real Live Woman

    I didn’t like your advice at all. At 53, I have gorgeous shaply tan legs and look awesome in shorts. Not vulgar short, but certainly well above the knees. I work out and also have defined shoulders and arms and look fabulous in tops and dresses that reveal them. As well as my back. I also like to show cleavage at certain times as my breast have always and still arre full and spectacular! While I don’t run arrends and grocery shop dressed sexy, there is a time and place for everything, I love dressing sexy. I am a sexy, beautiful mature woman and I know what looks good on me and what don’t. There is deffinatly styles I wore in my younger years that I wouldn’t wear now. But I can look in the mirror and have the common sense to know that. My feelings are simply if your body looks good in it and your comfortable, wear it! Your artical would make a less confident woman feel like an old lady that should hide her body shamefully. Shame on you.

  • Real Live Woman

    Ps: your pic for this artical has a lovely dressed mature woman wearing a low cut top.

  • sarah

    This does not appear to be written by a native English speaker; it is jumbled and condescending. Either you don’t know what you are talking about or you don’t know exactly what you are saying.

  • Ms N

    After reading your article I am insecure about my wardrobe. I have leather pants(not tight), knee length leather skirt(I wear with tights, a button down shirt with a cardigan) I am petite 5′, 105lb and I am 57. Should I lose the pants and skirt? I wear capris a lot. That part of the article was confusing. Let me know what you think.

  • Abigail

    The only thing in this article that I didn’t understand or agree with is when you suggested not to wear capri pants. Maybe we each mean something different? When I think of capri pants I think of, say, khakis that intentionally end below the knee to about mid-calf or so. I can’t figure out why that would be unflattering for someone over 50. In fact, I’ve always thought they would be a good alternative to shorts for those of us whose legs have seen better days.

    But as I said, maybe we’re thinking of two different things?

  • DMV

    I can’t believe this article! It was obviously written ( badly ) by a very young silly girl who think being 50 is past it.
    I am 50 have a size 10 body and have been told by the people I meet that I look 38!
    Whilst I do not wish to look tarty or ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ I do like to wear fashionable, well cut bright (as in not dull) clothes. And god forbid, I do still wear, leather jackets, leather trousers and shorts above my knees!!!!
    I’m not quite ready for my elasticated waist trousers and crimplene clothes!

  • grandma

    This is hilarious. Could they not find a literate, English speaking writer?

  • sfd

    Thank you, I am 56 years and a size 2. I have a very difficult time picking out clothes that are appropriate for my age. I appreciate your suggestions but do not understand why no capris.? Gravity has taken its toll on my thighs so I wear capris in summers. Can you tell me why I shouldnt wear?
    I read other comments from readers. Rather rude! I am thinking its women who do not like getting older!

  • elen

    I am 50, I work out and I got divorced over the issue of clothing. I spent most of my marriage being Mrs Frumpy and strongly resent anyone telling me what I should and should not wear. I do bodybuilding and I look good in a bikini, shorts, halter neck dresses and tank tops are my favourite, plus stiletos when going out, leather jackets, skinny tight low jeans and of course the LBD. Perhaps the author ought to be wearing a neck brace!

  • Pergatory

    Wow thanks Lisa! I too am 53 and have waist length blond hair and look nothing like my age. All the moms I see my age for the most part of it look their age. I do not. I like to wear skinny jeans with knee high boots, but I do not ever wear shirts that expose my tummy. I would if I had the figure! My tummy is very fat but I can hide it with longer looser shirts, but not so loose that it looks like I’m try to hid it! I wonder what others think of me, not that I care but I don’t want to be out in public if I look rediculous, who knows if I do or not but I refuse to give up and admit I’m older, after all I am a ‘grandma’!

  • Prudence

    Well I have to say that I am 53 with long blond hair and my face is in great condition, I look about 20 years younger than I really am, but I need to lose weight I’m at 153 right now, BUT I plan to buy some faux leather jeans, maybe in a silver metallic or just black! How cool would that be!

  • over50andfabulous

    what a stupid piece. i can’t think of anything written here that makes much sense – and it is indeed insulting.

  • Me

    Sometimes clothes are just not enough for miserable older women, a doctor not shops should be sought.

  • Maria Santoz

    Nice article, i have read comments of all the ladies; makes me wonder if they are trying to negate the age effect completely. I agree with them that you have presented the TRUTH in rather blunt manner but in the end truth is truth.

    Being a women over 50 myself i researched more and browsed few more topics, here is what i gathered from other popular sites.

    Top ten fashion statements that makes you look little older than you are

    1. Lace – even modern styling
    2. Most, not all, polka dot and floral prints
    3. Mini-skirts and short shorts (have friends who look amazing still, but these are just not me)
    4. Pearls – Yes, on Julia Child, no on everyone
    5. Elastic waist pants – no defense here
    6. Anything with a heart on it!
    7. Anything with Santa on it!
    8. Neon…tried it again within the last three years and decided NO.
    9. Most pastels….I prefer saturated colors
    10. Backpack purses and Birkenstock feet


    One site has perfectly listed style questions for women over 50

    1. I’m worried I’ll look like ‘mutton dressed as lamb
    2. I just don’t know what suits me anymore
    3. I’m bored with my clothes but don’t know how to create my own style
    4. I can’t find clothes to fit my hips, legs, tummy (insert your own word!)
    5. I feel dowdy and stuck in a rut but don’t know what to do about it
    6. I never seem to have the right outfit for the occasion
    7. I have loads of clothes but nothing to wear!
    8. I’m not sure how to put an outfit together
    9. I don’t enjoy shopping anymore, it’s just frustrating
    10. I feel fat and don’t know how to dress to look slimmer!

    I agree that it depends on a woman to set her own style, but if we talk about majority i would suggest that you have covered many of these questions.

    FYI: I tried to insert the source links from where i picked these but the system didn’t allowed me.

    Maria from San Diago

  • Judit

    I absolutely resent the words “age appropriate” – it’s nonsense. Of course we’re not going to walk around with tank tops but I weigh the same I did when I was 16 and all I want now is something just below the knee (knees can be a bit ugly) and a bit of a sleeve – do you think I can find a sexy dress like that NO NO NO. the don’t exist. Had to have a dress made in China. Same with shoes – still wear 6 inches. I think life has changed. We have NOT become our mothers.

  • Lalique

    I at 53 like to do my hair every day, makeup and do attempt to look put together. I like textured clothing like tweeds and corduroy, pretty scarves and very small if any muted prints.

  • Faye Green

    Jeans & T-shirt, juniors clothing (as long as I don’t look like an over stuffed sausage), maybe Capri and shorts with sandals (yes, I have some spider veins, and varicose veins, who cares I’m not vain), maxi dress, sun dresses. I go by the beat of a different drum, what looks good on me, I’ll wear it even if it is juniors (as long as it fits).

  • laura L

    Helen Mirren, Ann Margaret, Susan Sarandon, Faye Dunaway or Diana Keaton – ARE ALL ALMOST, OR WELL INTO THEIR 70s!!! For dressing in my 50s I’ll emulate actresses in their 50s, thank you very much!

  • Eve Norman

    Cjwillis thank you, thank you thank you.
    A lot of the nonsense she was spouting shows she does not have a clue what she is talking about.

  • Highpockets

    I’m 55, 6’2″ tall, wear a size 12 and like to rock anything I want. My favorite go-to look is a pair of really nice jeans, either skinny or boot cut depending, a long sleeve shirt that’s nicely tailored, and a jacket-tailored leather moto style absolutely if it’s night time. If I tuck the shirt in, cool belt, maybe one pop of color. Loose hair (I have a long shaggy cut), and cool earrings, maybe a bracelet. My Man is always proud and my gal pals too. I like this age. I stay away from mini skirts, but over the knee is ok. I’ve never worn super low cut anything, and stay away from super trendy looks, just doesn’t look good on me cause I’m so tall I will look silly. This article is written for some gals who maybe can’t find their look, but doesn’t really reflect on this time when we want to look good, not frumpy.

  • edu48c

    What a horrible article. I am 54, a size 10 and a teacher. I am blonde with shoulder length hair and am always told how young I look. When going out, I love to wear skinny jeans and boots or heels. I have great legs and will continue to wear mini skirts and dresses and will complete the outfit with a pair of killer heels!
    How wrong the author is!

  • Barbara

    I feel that if a woman has a great body, she should show it off !! Say yes to short minis and low cut tops if your skin is in great shape … just be sexy, not slutty,
    don’t go over the top with leopard, too much perfume or make up… YOLO

  • gigi

    there’s no rule on dressing sexy and seductively even thought you’re over 50. if you feel good wearing those outfits wear it. they can judge, so what? i’m not wearing like old bag lady just because i’m older. i’m just saying. and i know a lot of older women will agree with me.

  • happygrl75

    Or… where whatever the hell you want! ! 50 is the new 30 people! And honestly if you feel good, you look good.

  • gigi mally

    As long you’re happy or be like Madonna style, so be it.

  • Older lady

    I’ll be 75 this month. I think 50 is still young, and the article was written for someone overweight and my age. I wear a size 10 and like bright blues and green, bright pink etc. mostly because I have fair skin. I wear tight jeans. I prefer simple jewelry like diamond and ruby which were gifts from my husband. I avoid low cut, simply because I have an aging neck. At any age start lifting weights to get rid of the sagging arms. My best critic is my 46 year old daughter. Dress to please yourself.

  • Kim

    I so wanted to read this article but within the first two paragraphs there were spelling mistakes and I gave up. How am I going to take advice about how I should look from someone who doesn’t even proofread what they wrote? Back to Google.

  • S. Stadler

    “Well, as per studies women over 50 think they are tool old for fashion..” What studies??? Most over-50 women I know would LOVE to buy fashionable clothing if they were reasonably priced and if they made the wearer look like neither a teen nor a frump!

  • NJoy

    Lol! I couldn’t get past the “Why you think there is no need to dress and style yourself at this stage of life.” & “women over 50 think they are tool old for fashion so they simply start opting dull clothes,”
    & they’re giving fashion tips?

  • Kay Flowers

    I think age has nothing to do with style..The key word is PROPer Fit….If a person is obese well then the half tops aren’t going to work..if you have big legs…flare skirts work etc..Wear what works for your body NOT your age..The end…

  • Sacha

    I totally agree with you, I’m a size 10 and work out every week. I love to go out with skinny jeans and being tall lets me wear sexy dresses.
    I cannot understand why just because you’re over 50,you have to dress like an old fashion frump!

  • lynda

    so we now have to work until we are nearly 70 but you are telling us to hang it up at 50? Come on..surely there is more than beige and baggy out there for those of us who would still look great in most clothes from the neck down….I need a clever bag design for my head …..maybe a 21 year old`s face printed on it?……sadly that is where my head is still at

  • Linda Fischer-n

    seriously…. dress like you want too. If one can pull of a mini skirt at any age without looking slutty then why not? who the heck made the stupid rule of age appropriate for adults? Enjoy what you were and if others don’t like it, don’t look. In saying this, I don’t want to see a ton of boob from any aged person nor their butt or crotch…. everything in moderation. I like to look classy sexy and I am in my sixties.

  • Tinbobtina

    I’m 58′ 5 ft tall, big bust. I’ve never being able to carry fashion off. I try different styles. I’ve just discovered knee length dresses suit me. Shift dresses. Are classy

  • Not Aunt Bee

    I am going to be Cheryl Ladd in my 50’s not Aunt Bee, the person writing this article does not have a clue! I am a 5’6″ size 4 who will be 51 this year. I have 5 children and 5 grandchildren who all appreciate the fact that I don’t wear a knit shawl and sit in a rocking chair.

  • Kimberly Ann

    tool old for fashion??? Who proof-reads your work?

  • Joanna Mucera


  • Joanna Mucera


  • Joanna Mucera

    Get a brain.

  • Joanna Mucera

    I would rather emulate myself thank you.

  • Joanna Mucera

    You may need to lose some adipose tissue, but you do not need to lose weight.

  • Rose Davies

    Hear hear!

  • Rose Davies

    This is harsh on older women; the writer is right that strapless and plunging dresses may look slutty on older women and that the svelte body of a younger woman may carry off a tight short look better than a fatter person but, lots of younger people look just as crap in these outfits and lots of older women look great in them. It’s not really an age issue.

  • Teresa Brummet

    Holly cow! If you read this before you felt old, you will feel it when your done!! I am 49, will be 50 this year. I am 5′ 4 1/2″ tall, weigh 108 and have brown, naturally curly, waist length hair. When asked if I have children and answer yes, they are 26, 23 & 17 they are shocked. I was looking for good advice & instead feel awfully stereo typed. Of course, I would not wear what my 23 year old daughter thinks I can wear but, dang! Lighten up on ole granny!!!

  • Bonnie Bernstein

    whats wrong with wearing a bright purple, blue or pink? i think its quite classy to match one of those with some black clothes.

  • Marly

    I wear silver jeans, fit me great, I also wear boot cut jeans with cowboy boots and sweaters in the winter. I am within 10 pounds of my weight when I graduated college. I wear what I WANT to wear! I don’t tart it up, but I am far from a frump. Classics with a slight boho touch somedays, or a casual western style. I have always loved jeans and t shirts – only now my shirts are mainly white, better cut and fabrics, as I can afford the better items now. I wear my hair shoulder length and layered as its thick and wavy and I get tons of compliments. I wear my diamond studs everywhere, and a diamond watch with a tennis bracelet. I don’t wear cheap plastic costume Jewelry, as I don’t like it. I do however adore vintage brooches and invested in a fabulous diamond leopard that has become almost my trade mark. I wear floppy hats with sundresses – long sundresses I buy at Indian stores for the beautiful fabrics and colors. I wear what I want, and am fashionable, and feel great! Yoga ladies and Pilates will tone you up and I speed walk often, I don’t smoke, I have my skin ‘polished’ every month and keep my nails done, I wax and I am loving life, been married 30 years and I still wear the same size as I did when I was 30! And I eat well! No sugar, no junk, lots of veggies and never a poor cut of meat! Love me my NY strips – cooked medium rare with grilled veggies! I drink my coffee with real cream, and I take a long bubble bath scented with shalimar oils ever night. I love being a woman and if people don’t like how I dress, what I do? I do not particularly care at all!

  • Fred

    With all due respect, many of the replies are so negative about his article. I believe that is the problem with today’s society. We don’t know who we are and how we should act. Call me old fashion but being firm Japanese culture, there are still some unwritten rules in society, albeit heingbin Japan are also changing.

  • vada

    Good Morning Ladies, I am 63 years young and I dress beautiful I think. I wear 2 inch. heels pencil skirts colors and hats etc. Everyone puts me in my forties. I feel like it too. I feel young. I go to Thrifts, goodwill’s and I find new clothing with the tags still on them. Before I go,I go through my closet and see what I can make another outfit out of, then it on!! Sometimes I put and outfit together while I am in the Thrift or goodwill store. coming away with many blessing for 20.00 Dollars

  • Scales7

    WOW, maybe the author should have recommended some menopausal remedys also.

  • NotAn0bamaSupporter

    Don’t wear capris?? Stupid advice. I wear stylish capris all the time. I’m smart enough to not wear stuff off the shoulder or one-sided sleeves. Not all your advice is bad, but you’re hardly helping the woman over 50 who knows her look. My question is this — I have a very stylish dress for a cruise and the perfect heels, what do I wear on my legs, if anything?

  • Alison Faye

    “Shapeless middle section of the body” I have a small waist and flat stomach and I am 64, I don’t gain weight there and whomever writes these articles shouldn’t assume everyones’ body is the same!