Planning the perfect proposal can be nerve-wrecking. And as if there isn’t enough pressure already, covid is always lurking around the corner. Life’s most important moments don’t seem that important anymore because of the pandemic. Many couples have had to cancel their wedding plans and postpone them multiple times. But while many people were forced to stay inside, the romance isn’t dead. Last year, couples got engaged in record numbers and found multiple creative ways to experience their dream proposal during covid times. Say “yes” to these creative proposal ideas that might help you propose during covid-19.

1. Use your pet

To some, pets are considered as important members of the family nowadays. You might want to surprise your partner and include your pet into your proposal. Add the ring to your cat or dog’s collar, or buy a personalized tag with “marry me?” on it. To make it extra special, you could order a custom shirt or tuxedo for your pet. They could even carry the ring to your partner if they’re well-trained.

2. Propose on the rooftop

Rooftop proposals are still one of the most romantic among many. Utilise your roof space to prepare a perfect proposal setting. You could set up a table for two and have a music box – or even a band – play romantic songs in the background. A rooftop picnic is always a good idea too.

3. Breakfast in bed

This could be the perfect moment to show your partner your cooking skills – even if you don’t have any. Although it seems like a simple idea, it will surely make your partner feel special. Imagine a heart-shaped pancake with some strawberries on it, placed on a tray together with the ring. How long will it take for your soon-to-be fiancé to notice the ring? One thing is for sure: they will deeply appreciate your effort and inventiveness.

4. Transform your room

Transform the apartment into an event venue by making as much space as possible in one of the rooms. Arrange some rose petals, candles, balloons and string-lights around the room. You could even print out some pictures of you two and hang them off the ceiling. A “will you marry me?” banner on the wall will seal the deal. As an extra romantic gesture, you could make a compilation video of romantic or funny memories together and play it with a beamer. Make sure to get some champagne and flowers to celebrate!

5. Pretend to be on vacation

If you planned a vacation with your partner that got cancelled due to covid, you might as well pretend like you’re there. Create your vacation vibe by preparing a meal or ordering food from the country you were supposed to visit. You could put on some music or a slideshow of all the famous spots in your vacation country. To be even more creative, you could learn to say “will you marry me?” in the local language of the country.