Your hair requires extra attention and care besides regular washing. Apply good conditioners and hair masks to make them naturally beautiful and shiny. Take care of your scalp and be sure to get compliments for your lovely hair!

Hair masks for beautiful hair

Hair masks impart a shine and bounce to your crowning glory. People often confuse hair masks with hair conditioners. It would be therefore, important to understand the difference between the two. The major difference between hair masks and conditioner is that hair masks are more concentrated than the conditioners. With added concentration, hair marks moisturize and nourish your hair. Hair masks helps those women who loves to perm and color their hair as regular perming and straightening damages hair badly.

Good hair care results in making hair smooth, dandruff-free and shiny. Regular oiling is essential for strengthening your hair strands. Use hair mask at least once a month and you will be surprised to see the amazing benefits hair masks does to your hair. You don’t have to take help and visit salon for hair treatment, you can use hair masks at the convenience of your home. You can always buy instant hair masks from market but it would be wise to use homemade hair masks to improve your hair quality.

10 Exotic Hair Masks for Women

Hair masks are available commercially in the market as well as they can be easily made in your household kitchen.  Since ages women have left no stone unturned to make their hair beautiful and shiny. They try innumerable things to fulfill their deep-desire of possessing beautiful hair. Don’t even think hair mask is something new.

Here are top 10 hair masks with wonderful shine-imparting properties:

1. Avocado Hair Mask

Avocado hair mask can be made from mixing two egg whites and some mashed avocado. Keep it for 15 minutes and then apply it your scalp and after half an hour rinse with clean water. Avocado hair masks will make your hair super-smooth and glossy in a simple way. It is natural and exotic secret of having shiny and bouncy hair.

2. Almond Hair Mask

Almond hair mask is beneficial in making your unmanageable rough hair, smooth and shiny in an easy manner. Mix few drops of almond oil in two egg whites and apply for half an hour. Wash with cold water and you will love the effect of almond hair masks.

3. Coconut Hair Mask

Coconut hair mask is made from cocoa butter and coconut water. Mix in equal quantities and apply it on your scalp for half an hour and rinse off with cold clean water. This hair mask will make your hair nourished and moisturized.

4. Aloe Vera Hair Mask

This amazing hair mask is the ideal if you wish to have long and shiny tresses to enhance your sensuality and sexuality.

You can apply aloe vera extract directly on your scalp and leave it for half an hour. Then rinse off with water. Repeat it twice a week for better results. Aloe vera will hydrate your hair strands as well your scalp and will help them grow faster.

5. Gelatin Hair Mask

Mix some unflavored gelatin, water and some drops of vinegar. Apply this paste on your hair, leave it for 7-10minutes and wash off with water. This hair mask is sure to make your hair manageable and shiny in an impeccable way.

6. Egg Mask

Mix 2 egg white and 2-3 lemon drops and apply it on your hair. Leave for 15 minutes and wash off. It is a magical remedy for hair fall. This hair mask rejuvenates your strands and makes them strong and damage-free.

7.  Curd hair Mask

Mix curd and one egg white into a fine paste and apply evenly on your scalp. Leave for half an hour and wash off with water. Curd hair mask adds extra sheen and shines to your hair and makes them glossy and appealing.

8. Amla Hair Mask

Amla hair mask is very popular in the South Asian region. Soak some amla overnight and make a paste in the morning and apply it on the scalp. Leave it for one hour and then rinse off. Apply oil when hair gets dried and next day wash with your shampoo.

Your hair will become bouncy, thick and shiny for sure.

9. Olive Oil Hair Mask

Mix olive oil with two egg whites and apply on the scalp for 30 minutes. Then wash it with water. Your hair will become shiny and silky smooth in a hassle free manner.

10. Hibiscus Hair Mask

Make a paste of two egg whites with dried hibiscus (shoe flower) powder. Apply this paste on your scalp and after 20 minutes wash off.

Having lustrous and beautiful hair is something every woman dream. Now, with these wonderfully effective hair masks this dream is achievable and accessible.

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