Sometimes, academic duties are overwhelming and students cannot cope with every task they are assigned. They lack time, competence, knowledge and similar essentials. Besides, some personal or health issues also are the reason why they fail. As a result, they use the help of professional writers.

Professional essay writers are able to tackle all kinds of assignments. Their works are of the highest quality, are written in time and with great attention to detail. Notwithstanding, students should spend some time to identify such experts. There are many dishonest people who claim they are certificated and gifted. Don’t trust their words, but their qualities.

When you begin to look for a proper candidate, you should pay attention to various qualities. There are certain markers, which prove the credibility of a good expert. When you read customers’ feedback and conduct a job interview with an anticipated helper, take into account 7 important qualities.

Advanced academic skills

First of all, your personal assistant is supposed to possess great academic skills. Mind that we don’t mean only writing skills. Of course, properly developed writing skills are MUST. However, you won’t have problems only with writing. Many students are excellent writers but bad editors or proofreaders. Therefore, you should hire a specialist who can:

  • Write;
  • Edit;
  • Rewrite;
  • Cite;
  • Proofread;
  • Outline;
  • Find data;
  • Make references, etc.

Obligatorily add these points to your list of questions. Find an expert who is equally good with every academic skill. Thus, you’ll surely know that you can turn to him/her for help any time the need appears.

In-depth knowledge

A really good expert has knowledge about everything. Of course, it’s impossible to know everything but your helper ought to know many things about learning. He/she must be aware of different writing formats, like Chicago, MLA, APA, Vancouver, etc. It’s necessary to structure and format texts in accordance with the official demands. The texts are supposed to be readable, properly structured, with smooth transitions, and so on. Of course, your writer should know how to complete such assignments like:

  • All essay types;
  • Coursework;
  • Dissertation;
  • Lab report;
  • Literature review;
  • Speeches;
  • PowerPoint presentations;
  • Term papers, etc.

If he/she knows and fulfills the requirements to different papers properly, you will always receive only the highest grades. Of course, it’s hard to find a writer who is equally professional with every piece of writing. Perhaps you should find a few more experts. Thus, you’ll ask them to help when they are needed.

High speed

The issue of time is another crucial quality you should seek. Every academic assignment has a strict deadline, which cannot be violated. If you fail the day of submission, you lose a lot of grades. Consequently, your essay writer ought to be extremely quick.

Check the reviews of customers and ratings on the freelance platform where your writer is registered. The average statistic will tell whether he/she is fast enough to cope with the most urgent project you’re assigned.


Make sure your helper is adaptive. Sometimes, we simply cannot control the situation. Thus, students may receive some unexpected adjustments or they decide to change the topic of their essay. Therefore, you’ll require a flexible specialist who can easily adapt to different changes and fulfill exactly what you need. It’s also necessary to have constant contact with the specialist. Decide when it’s convenient for you to get in touch to discuss the progress of your project.

Attention to details

Choose an expert who is very attentive. Most grades are acquired due to great precision to the academic requirements. Students often miss several slight details and so, lose essential grades. Therefore, your personal assistant is supposed to be very attentive. While you read the samples and conduct a job interview, ask questions about the most specific demands to various pieces of writing. Thus, you’ll define whether your writer is aware of every rule.


Every competent writer ought to be a real professional in every sphere. The fulfillment of his/her direct task like writing, editing, and others is not enough. Pay attention to the way your writer communicates with you. His/her behavior can tell you a lot. Is your helper patient? Does he/she violate the deadlines? Is your helper always angry or irritated? Do you feel good when you chat/talk with him/her? If your essay writer has poor communication skills and shows no respect for the clients, it’s better to choose another expert.


Undoubtedly, a professional writer is also creative. Every academic paper must be 100% authentic. Therefore, your author ought to be creative to rework the information he/she has found for your project. The thoughts and ideas of another author must be cited in accordance with an assigned writing format. Other concepts ought to be presented in a unique way.

US education gives much heed to the creativity of its children. Therefore, your expert is expected to come up with original ideas. He/she should find an uncommon and effective way to disclose the topic of your essay. If you find a writer who possesses all these qualities, you are lucky. Don’t pass up a chance and hire him or her. All these qualities become a powerful tool when they are combined. Your papers obligatorily meet the top standards of quality, are delivered to your on-time and follow the slightest demands. It’s a lucky strike, which solves any academic complications.