From rugged denim and graphic tees to cargo pants and patterned shirts, men’s fashion has come a long way. A myriad of new styles have come into existence which suit every taste.

Now that we are so close to wrapping up the current year, we’re already looking into what the future has in store for us.

So, all the fashion folks out there, pay attention to the most anticipated men’s fashion trends of 2020 listed below. Whether you are on the lookout for yourself or just reading this article out of curiosity, these will prove to be really helpful.

So, brace yourselves with some styling inspiration for the upcoming year!

1. Cross Body Bags

We rarely witness men with anything apart from their mobile phones, headphones, and wallet. But, the trend of cross body bags might bring about a revolution. These are just perfect to store all your important stuff and at the same time keep it secure. Why not do it fashionably when you have the option for it?

These cross body bags can be either messenger-style or something very compact. And, are the best way to give a complete makeover to your normal outfit.

2. Cuban collar shirts

You might have looked at or heard of it!

Not able to recall from where?

Well, the Cuban collar shirt is one of the most versatile and contemporary looks in every man’s wardrobe. It dates back to the time of Elvis Presley and most women went head over heels after seeing him in this attire.

It is slightly distinct from a normal collar shirt and is pretty much enough in itself to jazz up any outfit. If you’re heading out with your guys or have a date to go to, Cuban shirts can be your pick for 2020. Either choose a bold print or keep it plain by opting for a solid color, it’s up to you. Just pair them with slim-fit chinos and a smart pair of sunglasses and you are ready to look cool in the summer sun.

3. Shorts (Over the Knee)

A pair of over-the-knee shorts are expected to be your best friend in the upcoming spring-summer season. These cover you just perfectly and are a great way to bid goodbye to the sweat and humidity which follow. Pair these bottoms with any bold pattern tee or just keep it simple with a plain cotton shirt, there’s nothing that can go wrong. And, don’t forget to don your look with your favourite pair of sneakers!

4. Oversized Blazers

Kick in the retro vibe with oversized blazers like the 80s. Twist up your suit jacket a little and opt for a size or two larger than your usual. Whether striped or just a single color, pair them up with your rugged denim or solid colored chinos and you are sure to make heads turn!

5. Patchwork Prints

Yes, the patchwork prints are back!

Choose any of the designs of these patchwork shirts and wear them over your plain white tee. For the bottoms, you can choose your shorts or denim or even opt for something unusual to give it a more funky look. Once done, you’re ready to walk down the streets in style.

6. Relaxed cargo pants

Your 511 pants are most expectedly to accompany you for some more time! And, we’re sure you can’t wait to have them back in 2020.

What’s better than cargo pants? They are comfortable, look cool, stylish, come in different colors and styles. Pick your favorite ones and club them with any graphic tee and you’re ready to rock the weekend.

7. Shield sunglasses

Protect your eyes from the dust and most importantly from the scorching heat in 2020 with shield sunglasses. They are the coolest and trendiest alternative to any traditional eyewear. Choose oversized ones for maximum impact or opt for small ones in solid colours for minor detailing. You can choose any type you wish to as they go well with almost every other outfit.

These are some of the amazing men’s fashion trends that are expected to dominate in 2020. So, buckle up and head out to shop these interesting clothing items and accessories. None of these can go wrong when paired rightly so, get set to rock the world!