If you have questions like
1. What happens when a woman is sexually aroused?
2. What is ‘female sexual arousal disorder’?
3. Do doctors ever prescribe oxytocin for sexual arousal problems?
4. What is ‘persistent sexual arousal syndrome’?
5. How important is foreplay for sexual arousal?
6. Is testosterone therapy safe?
7. What can Viagra or ‘sildenafil’ do for a women?
8. When is Viagra a good option for a woman?
9. What are the side effects of Viagra for women?
10. Does hormone replacement improve a menopausal woman’s sex drive?
11. Are sex toys a good way for couples to get the woman aroused?
12. What is ‘VENIS’ or ‘Very Erotic Non Insertive Sex’?
13. Why and how should a woman’s G-spot be aroused?

then watch this video and learn how to understand everything about Female Sexual Arousal.