“Chubby is the new sexy.” This statement is so common on social media feeds recently especially when posting photos. If you are a bigger bride, you will feel so lifted thus giving more confidence about your figure. There are a lot of contributing factors why a person grows bigger and fatter, some of which can be controlled and some cannot be controlled. Among the following factors that can be controlled are lifestyle behaviors whilst uncontrollable includes genetic factors.


As fast developments are taking place in this generation, the most common factor that affects a person’s figure would be lifestyle. Lifestyle behaviors include diet and exercise. Fast food chains are so common nowadays from which most people buy their food. These foods such as pizza and burgers contain high amounts of carbohydrates and saturated fats that adds extra calories to the diet thereby causing weight gain and causing someone to become fat. Adding to these would be lack of exercise as the fats are not being burnt of which they just accumulate on the belly part as well as on the arms. Having said so, for a bride who wants to lose weight, lifestyle modification is very important.

Genetic factors on the other hand also play a role on becoming fat. Some are really gifted to being big and stout however they can still maintain their sexy figures. Most of those who know they have been gifted with such, are usually the ones who are very cautious about what they are eating as well as what they do.

FIGURE Problems on Choosing a DRESS?

For a bigger bride who wanted to show her curves, mermaid wedding dresses would give the best emphasis meanwhile she might be having double thoughts about it due to her figure. There are actually no rules saying that you cannot wear a tight-fitting dress if you are plus size. If you are someone who is able to control your diet and regulate your everyday activities then it will definitely help in losing weight as well as burning your fats.

However, there are always alternatives if you are not able to wear a mermaid wedding dress. You may not want wearing a ball gown dress as this will make you look bigger meanwhile an A-line dress is an option as this has a flowy skirt and it does not have a puffy skirt. Empire style dresses, however, are also options if you wanted to hide your belly.

Meanwhile, the best option would be customized plus size wedding dresses. There are a lot of shops who offer this option. Bridal stores can actually take your measurements and make the dress you loved accordingly. JJ’s House, which is considered to be a global leading online store for wedding dresses and other dresses, as well as accessories, including wedding shoes, wedding veils, headpieces, wraps, and even handbags, do also offer this option. If you are leaning towards having your lovely dress be customized, it is best to have it be made at least two months prior to the occasion date as some tailors may take a month to finalize the gown. Final Words: It is your big day after all. Whatever you do to manage being a plus size, you are still the star of the day and you should shine bright. Be confident and wear your greatest make-up: your lovely smile and your sparkling eyes.