Your kitchen supplies can be an effective nail art trends for 2013. There are lots of kitchen nail art trends which you can simply try this year. Here are some awesome kitchen nail art trends which look irresistibly stylish and trendy.

Seasme Seed Nail Art

First apply a base coat of China Glaze Kalahari Kiss and then apply sesame seeds on it to get the look. You can also try black sesame seed or mix and match to look stylish.



Chilli Pepper Nail Art

Apply a base cot of red or orange crème polish add chilli-flakes, chilli pepper on it to get this stylish kitchen nail art look.


Candy Button Nail Art

Apply A white Base coat and then apply candy buttons of all your favorite colors for stylish nails which everybody will love.

candy-button nail art

Salt and Pepper Nail Art

The Ingredients’ are readily available in every kitchen. Just apply a neat an clean base coat, table salt and pepper, and you are ready to set your own style statement.


Potting Soil Nail Art

To get the look apply two coats of a dark chocolate brown polish, and then apply plain potting soil on it.


Bar-B-Que Spice Rub in bowl

To get the look apply a burnt orange creme polish and apply the mixture. The spice rub has various colors (black, orange and yellow) ingredients giving you a stylish and trendy look.


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