Women are turning for artificial nails aka solar nails still they aren’t very popular with the masses. But celebrities are raving crazy about these solar nails. It does not come as a surprise to us or anyone if you have not heard of this invention in the nail art category. Though for those who know about solar nails, they are extremely popular with them. Mostly nail technicians are aware of these and pass the information to their clients. So far the news on solar nails is not so widespread.

If you love acrylics or gel nails, its time you should try solar nails. Anyone who loves artificial nails will understand the several benefits of solar nails. When you dress up or think of your external look in entirety, you say Hair, Make and Nails. Nail art is an amazing way of adding color or beauty and making your hands and feet more attractive. Solar nails only help in this.

Did you ever think nails could be refillable? Yes, Solar nails come with the advantage of being refilled. To explain further, you may get acrylics but that requires you to make trips to the salon to maintain them every two weeks which costs you time and money and if patience is not your virtue, this is painful. Going to the beach or lie in a tan bed can also turn your artificial nails yellow.

Solar nails last for at least four weeks and after that you just need a refill. Solar nails are also probably the most natural looking nails. They are like French manicure. Applying solar nails is a matter of two steps – one, preparing your nail plate for the process by filing, rebuffing and cleaning your nails. Second would be, sticking the pink part on your nail.

You can do about anything with solar nails as they don’t chip and are low maintenance nails. They look natural and also classy. Many of the celebrities in Hollywood prefer these nails as they don’t require you to get your nails painted every few days. They are similar to acrylics and the pick part attached to your nail is acrylic. The nail technician will brush the nail white like a French manicure at first and then apply the pink acrylic.

And voila you’re done!

You see those models and actresses with perfect nails? It is solar nails that you see. You can also have perfectly natural looking nails without any hassle and with a refill every three weeks. They are less time-consuming and allow any activity such as tanning without turning yellow, cleaning without chipping away, and exercise or even if you are a house mom, any vigorous tasks.

Try asking your nearest salon if they do it, and get them done.Please leave me a comment and let me know what do you think about Solar Nails. Don’t forget to subscribe our RSS to receive latest updates.