Facial skin is one of the areas which have the highest possibilities for cosmetic surgeries or procedures. Different types of cosmetic surgeries can be done on facial skin, some of which can be combined for patients who want different results. Some of the different types of cosmetic surgeries that can be done on facial skin include:


When one is young, the face looks soft and beautiful but as age comes, the facial skin tends to lose its elasticity as time goes by which causes it to look saggy and less firm. Luckily, people who feel like they need their skin to be tighter and look more toned can have this changed using a facelift, especially when making use of advanced skin and cosmetic laser treatments in Melbourne.

Laser resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is equally known as; laser peel, laser vaporization, and lasabrasion. The cosmetic surgery process involves the use of carbon dioxide laser which is applied to the skin. This cosmetic surgery procedure can help in reducing facial issues such as; wrinkles, scars, birthmarks, and even acne scars as well. With advanced skin and cosmetic laser treatments in Melbourne, it is easy to correct any facial issues using their safe cosmetic surgical methods.

Forehead lift

When age comes, another part of the face that gets affected is the forehead which can result in having baggy upper eyelids. The forehead lift is another skin tightening procedure that can be done on one’s forehead and it aids in reducing baggy upper eyelids.


People who are looking for a cosmetic procedure that does not leave scars or involve any downtime can opt for the thermage skin procedure because it aids in tightening skin that has become saggy.

Chemical peel

The chemical peel is a cosmetic procedure that involves chemical exfoliation. With this process, the treatment is applied to facial skin and it helps in removing the top layers of the skin which in turn brings out the softer and healthier-looking skin that is found beneath.


Similar to a chemical peel facial cosmetic surgery, the main purpose of this surgery type is to bring forth new beautiful skin. It aids in getting rid of skin irregularities while revealing the softer and smoother skin underneath. 

Facial fillers

There are so many different types of facial filler products such as collagen and Restylane that can be injected into the skin. The injected filler aids in reducing the appearance of any wrinkles and folds. These injected folds may equally help to make some facial areas of the skin firmer giving it a bright and younger beauty.


Just like facial fillers, Botox can be injected into particular areas of the face that has wrinkles or lines. This cosmetic surgery method does not fill in saggy space but rather weakens the muscles that can result in things such as frown lines and wrinkles which is most likely to be found around the eyes and forehead.