Even though there are more and more great quality budget options, it seems that people are still spending lots of money on beauty treatments and products.

Big celebrities like Kim Kardashian and beauty vloggers like Tanya Burr are earning millions every year with their own make-up lines and recommendations, but can the average woman keep up with their lavish routines? It is reported it takes Kylie Jenner almost two hours to get ready every day, but most of us can’t afford this luxury. Her sister Kim uses $2,300 worth of beauty and skincare products herself, way more than the average woman!

We all want to look as stylish and confident as we can, but do we spend too much on beauty treatments? Women in the UK are spending £284 million a week on beauty! Those between 35 and 54 are spending the most too, maybe because they have more expensive taste?

No matter what your age, beauty should be something affordable and fun. Here are some tips on how to save a little bit on your favourite products and treatments.

Research Budget Brands

If you’ve been using the same high end concealer for years, why not research budget brands to see if it has a dupe? These lower price copycats are getting better and better, like Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation and L’Oréal True Match!

There are some new brands that get good reviews as well, take the time to keep up with beauty blogs and you might find a product that replaces the expensive one in your make up bag!

Get Discount Codes for all your Favourite Sites

It’s safe to say everyone loves online shopping. These days who has time to queue for changing rooms when you can do it in the comfort of your own room and return the product for free?

Many people shop online every week and never try to get a discount – after all, where would they find it? This is where My Voucher Codes comes in, with amazing discounts on all your favourite brands every day of the week! Make sure you save this site to your bookmarks, no harm in checking for a code before you go to check out!

Splash on a Beauty Box

If you don’t have time to research new products, or you just love getting packages like me, then beauty boxes are great! Birchbox is only £10 or you can go more upmarket with Cohorted for £35 to get a selection of goodies each month!

You might discover a product you didn’t even know you needed, or the chance to try the hot new cream everyone is talking about. And even though the sample sizes are smaller than the real product, often these will last for ages!

Look for Low Cost Beauty Treatments

Getting a haircut or your legs waxed can be costly, and depending on your routine that might be a regular visit. Even if you swear by the same salon, are you sure you’re getting the best value?

A lot of hairdressing schools offer cheaper treatments, which may take a little longer but will ensure a lower bill at the end. Same goes for salons which offer cheaper treatments on weekdays, or monthly deals. It’s important to shop around to make sure you get the best value for the things you spend on regularly.

We all love to look good but the cost doesn’t have to be sky high. Regardless of what other people say, you can save money on the beauty products and treatments you love without skipping on quality.