We all hope to have a wedding which stands out from the crowd. After all, we want our guests to be talking about our big day for years to come. And we want them to easily distinguish our day from everyone else’s when they look back at the weddings they have attended. We don’t want them to struggle to remember what occurred on our big day! However, it can be easier said than done to make your wedding unforgettable. In fact, here are some steps to take to your wedding memorable.

Pick a unique location

The location can often make or break your wedding day. After all, if you choose a destination which is one of the most popular in your area for weddings, it’s likely your guests will have been before. And then they won’t be left with any surprises when it comes to your wedding day. In fact, they are likely to know exactly what grub to expect, and where the pictures will take place. To ensure you make your wedding memorable, you want the surprise factor in your day.

After all, it makes it more exciting if they have never been to the location before. And they are more likely to remember your day if it’s somewhere new and exciting. Therefore, it’s worth skipping the top lists in your area and opting for unique destinations. In fact, a lot of places you wouldn’t expect can be a wedding location for a fee. For example, your local cinema or even a theme park could become the destination for your wedding.

And it will prove a memorable place to hold your wedding! Remember that even if the location doesn’t advertise being a wedding location online, it’s still worth contacting them. After all, they might do the occasional wedding which will make it even more special for your big day!

Go for a killer theme

It’s all about your theme when it comes to making your wedding memorable and unique. After all, if you don’t have one at all, your day will be like everyone else’s wedding. And it will be easy for your wedding to be forgettable. Therefore, one of the first things you should do is consider the theme with your other half. You might want to opt for something which is special to you both.

For example, if you met on holiday, or live near the seaside, you ought to go for a beach theme. Or if one of you is from a different country, you might want to make the location your theme. It might be the case that you want to go for something completely out there. For example, if you are both fans of superhero, you might want a superhero themed wedding with costumes to fit the bill. It will be a talking point amongst your guests for years to come.

Whatever theme you go with, make sure you stick with it from the beginning. That way, your day will fit together well, and people will be able to instantly recognize the theme! And if you have got a wedding coordinator, make sure you tell them about the theme early on too. That way, they can help your day to be fitting to your unique theme.

Opt for unique invitations

You want people to love your wedding invites. After all, it gives them a hint of what’s coming for the big day, as well as telling them all the important details. But for some people, they are left disappointed when they ask their friend or family member about the invite, and they can’t tell them what was on it.After all, you want your big day to be memorable, even before your guests arrive at the wedding! Therefore, you need to spend some time working on your invitations.

You want to make sure they cause a splash when you give them to your friends and family. It might be that you go for a unique design which you can get from brands like Pure Invitation. After all, a ticket invite will definitely turn their head and give them an insight into the big day.Also, you might want to go for something with photos. Rather than putting it straight into the drawer, your guests will take the time to look at the pictures of you and your hubby to be!

Think outside the box

A lot of people opt for traditional when it comes to their wedding day. For example, the ceremony, the wedding breakfast, and then a buffet and disco to finish off the day. But while this can work for some people, it won’t make your wedding day stand out. In fact, it’s easy for your big day then to appear on the forgotten list. Therefore, if you want to ensure you have a memorable day, you need to think outside the box. You want to surprise people and make sure they think your day is amazing.

For example, rather than having a sit-down wedding breakfast, why not opt for a BBQ outside instead. It will mean they can skip the awkward conversations and they can just sit with who they want to consume their dinner. Also, you might want to take the whole day outside. After all, your ceremony will be unforgettable if it takes places on a beach or in the woods. You might want to put on some games too for children and adults. After all, it can be such a long day that it’s easy for your guests to get bored during the day.

Therefore, opting for some large inflatable games like ten pin bowling will keep them occupied during the day! You might even want to go for a bouncy castle to ensure your guests have a fantastic time at your wedding. And if you do go outside the box with your wedding, you are sure to have a memorable day they will never forget.

And remember to put on a show if you want to make your wedding unique. Skip the boring DJ and opt for a cool band who will light up your wedding reception. And you might even want to finish off the night with fireworks to go out with a bang!