There are many firsts to overcome in a new relationship. From the first date to THE first. How each one goes will determine how your relationship progresses. We would say no pressure, but… Even when you think you’re over those hurdles, more will crop up. Say you’ve been with your man for a while and he wants to take you away. The suggestion of time away together indicates things are going well. But, it also brings more hurdles to navigate. Remember, you’re still in the early stages.

A mistake at this point could mean curtains. Don’t think that it’s a done deal because he’s asked you to go away. How you act during that trip will be a huge indicator to him about what kind of person you are. And, you want him to think the best of you! So, here’s how to make sure your romantic break doesn’t break the good thing you have going!


If you’re the planner in the relationship, you may want to jump in and book accommodation and activities. But, it’s important to leave that to your man. There’s plenty of time for taking over when you’re married. Right now, seeming keen could be a major turn off. Instead, let him take the reins. There’s nothing wrong with making suggestions. It’s important you let him know you want to go! But, let him make the major decisions. Leave it to him to say when and where.

You are the guest on this trip, after all. You may also have to practice patience. Don’t get excited the moment he makes a vague suggestion about going away. Wait until he brings it up again. Depending on what kind of guy you’ve bagged, it might be a while before the trip happens!


Even though you’re letting him take the reins, it’s important you split the costs. Long gone are the days when the man had to pay for everything. Showing him that you’re an independent woman is important. If you let him pay, or worse, expect him to, he could develop a bad impression. Instead, make it clear from the off that you’re paying for your half of the trip. If he insists on paying, remain adamant that you want to pay for yourself. He’ll respect you, and it’ll take a lot of financial pressure off his shoulders. Who knows, you may be able to go away more often if he knows he only has to pay half.


As you’re going to be in closer proximity than ever, it’s important to keep an air of illusion. One thing’s certain; you don’t want mother nature raining on your parade. It may be worth stocking up on tablets to delay your period, in case disaster strikes. That would definitely put a damper on romantic proceedings. Not to mention that it could freak your man out. It’s also worth keeping your beauty regime to the bathroom. Seeing you put your makeup on may act a little like finding out all the magician’s secrets. You can shatter his dreams when you’ve been together for a while.

For now, though, keep up the illusion that you’re naturally that beautiful.  Make sure, too, to be on your best behavior with the housekeeping. In other words, don’t leave your dirty knickers where he can find them! Fold clothes into your suitcase the moment you take them off. He’ll never want to live with you if you can’t even keep a hotel room clean!