Just as humans have to take care of themselves, they must also look out for their pet dogs. Ensuring your dog stays happy and healthy is vital. An integral part of keeping your dog healthy is making sure that you’re grooming your pet the right way.

With the demand to groom pets increasing exponentially, it’s no surprise that the competition between dog groomers is getting tense. With pet owners scurrying to style and care for their pets, business for dog groomers is booming.

To make sure your business stands out from the rest, it’s important to invest in the best grooming shears currently in the market. So, what makes up a good grooming shear? Sharpness, comfort, and durability are three important components. We recommend investing in high-precision scissors that will put you above your competition, such as these Yasaka Scissors

Keep reading to find the best grooming shears for the new year that you can invest in. After all, the new year is the perfect time to revamp your whole business. 

What Should I Look For In Grooming Scissors?

There are many different things that make up a good pair of grooming scissors. Among the most important are comfort and weight. As a groomer, you want to ensure that you can easily carry around your grooming scissors. 

The kind of grooming scissors you buy should also depend on your portfolio of clients. If most of the dogs in your clientele are small then shorter shears are for you. On the other hand, large breeds work well with larger shears. 

Within different scissors, there are some features to look out for:

  • Grip: If you have a weak wrist, you need scissors with an ergonomic handle. Luckily, many grooming scissors come with these nowadays. Scroll down to see our top three recommendations! 
  • Wired or battery: this is mostly a persona; preference. Battery-powered scissors are easy to move around without the annoyance of wires getting tangle sup. On the other hand, battery-powered scissors can run out quickly as well. 
  • Blade type: there are primarily two types of blades you can get – ceramic or steel. Ceramic blades last longer and can stay sharp for a longer period of time. Steel is also a great choice to cut fur but takes a while to cool down. 
  • Noise: it’s important to remember that the sounds humans are used to are not the same as the sounds animals find familiar. If your scissors make too much noise, then you can end up driving your clients away. 

Above all, you should look for positive reviews. Good grooming scissors are an investment and just buying a cheap pair could jeopardize your career. Instead, do your research thoroughly and buy a pair that has a good number of positive reviews.

Yasaka Shears

These are high-precision hairdressing scissors that are made in Japan. What makes them exemplary is the Japanese steel they are made from. This steel allows you to cut through even the thickest of dog furs easily. The design for these scissors is simplistic and minimal, yet they are able to cut quickly and efficiently. Not only will these scissors save you time, but they’ll also have dog owners knocking at your door all day!

What’s also great about these scissors is the range they come in. The Yasuka Offset Handle is a scissor designed specifically for groomers who have carpal tunnel or RSI. These scissors are also resistant to corrosion, which elongates the scissor’s life. This type of scissor is also ideal for slicing and point cutting.

The Yasaka 6 Inch Thinner 40 Teeth are exquisitely crafted thinning shears. This thinning shear uses extra hard steel to allow you to groom your clients perfectly and have them coming back for more. Yasaka also has straight and barbering scissors that you can buy to suit your needs. If you’re feeling up to a bigger investment, try to buy a Yasaka combo of two or more scissors.

Gimars Dog Grooming Scissors

Dog scissors by Gimar is also a worthy investment to make. These scissors are made from sharp stainless steel and can cut through fur cleanly and precisely. Gimars coat their grooming shears with titanium to ensure that they last long and do not rust. These smooth scissors work well for all your grooming requirements – trimming, thinning, and detailing.

Gimars’ scissors have an efficient design that reduces hand tiredness caused by hours and hours of grooming. The scissors have a removable non-slip plastic finger ring, and contoured handles and finger rest to maximize your comfort. There’s also a silicone pad between handles that prevents accidental clamping.

The great thing about these scissors is that they also lessen the noise scissors make while cutting so the dogs you groom don’t get too scared. However, unfortunately, they do not have scissors for left-handed groomers yet. 

Hertzko Pet Grooming Shears

These grooming shears are another good and safe option to invest in. These scissors come with a safety round tip that ensures your scissors won’t hurt the pet you’re grooming in any way. However, be careful as reports have shown that the safety tip is only partially rounded and could still harm the animal if you’re careless.

The shears are also made of high-quality rust-resistant stainless steel that is safe to use and easy to clean. These scissors, too, come with a comfort-grip handle to lessen the strain on your wrist. Hertzko makes longer scissors with smooth blades that are ideal for trimming and smaller scissors with micro-serrated blades that are ideal for cutting in tricky areas.


There’s no shortage of grooming shears in the market today. With such a wide variety to choose from, it can get confusing when you attempt to buy new grooming shears. Instead, focus on the features you need urgently and buy scissors accordingly.