As we become ever more attached to our smartphones, the concept of using a watch to tell the time may seem rather old fashioned. And yet, this timeless accessory has not gone extinct with the coming age of digital time-telling. The timepiece merely moved out of the realm of practicality and necessity and into the realm of luxury, indulgence, and beauty. The appreciation of high-quality timepieces continues to evolve, which is why we are labeling watches as the ultimate accessory.

Why an Exceptional Timepiece is Timeless

Although accessory trends come and go with the seasons, a really exceptional watch is an accessory that stands the test of time. Chic design classics prove that the perfect timepiece never goes out of style and has the ability to transform outfits and transcend trends.

Makes and Models

From Cartier to Michael Kors and Kate Spade, and of course world famous manufacturers like Rolex and Patek Philippe, finding the right model for you can be a little tricky–¬but oh-so fun. If you want your timepiece tobe truly timeless, then you want to go with something of quality that is built to last. The luxury watch market is flourishing for a reason, and that is primarily because these models will last for generations to come.

As for the aesthetics, you should go with something that is as universal and transitional as possible, meaning it can be sported in daily wear and also paired with formal attire. Ideally you want something with a traditional shape that is sleek and elegant, but also a bold enough statement piece. Something metallic is easy to dress up or down, and for an added pop, going with a rose gold model adds elegance and is extremely popular at present.

When going the luxury watch route, check out online marketplaces and auction sites, like this one, which has everything from the new Rolex Cosmograph to vintage luxury models. Auction sites and selling platforms are great places to find unique models, older models that can no longer be purchased in store, or to simply find your perfect timepiece at a more competitive price than in stores.

The Intersection between Timeless and Trendy

Where timepieces truly meet trendy is in the smartwatch sector. Although still relatively new in identifying the potential of this emerging sector, luxury brands are beginning to contribute. From high-fashion brands like Coach and Hermès bringing a previously unseen elegance to the Apple watch, to luxury watch brands themselves – like Frederique Constant and Tag Heuer. These respected fashion brands are now introducing their own smartwatch technology, only time will tell whether this trending market eventually outdates itself, or whether it is here to stay. One thing is for sure though, these wearable tech models are beginning to actually look a whole lot more wearable.

Of course the problem with something like a smartwatch is that technology has an incredibly short lifespan. Almost as soon as a model is released for public consumption, a new model is being designed that will make the current one outdated and eventually obsolete.

Not to mention that, as software and all of the elements that make a smart watch “smart” are constantly changing, updating, and improving, the need for the new will never be satisfied. A classic timepiece, however, not only remains in style, but it also never requires software updates. So to stay truly timeless, a well-crafted chronograph is the ideal choice.