Everyone has taken on jobs that they might not have wanted to do in a desire for an adequate paycheck. Some people have massive ambitions to get to the top of their field. Some people have passions which can become jobs but are not defined as jobs. An example of this last point is the role of being a Chef. Chefs are notoriously subject to difficult and intense working conditions, and it’s for this reason why they must maintain themselves as well as they can. But how do you do this? In the effort to rush towards positive achievement, we must also take care of ourselves, and if we don’t we, unfortunately, may come close to burning out or wearing down.

Here are a few good pointers to keep yourself happy in whatever stressful role you might experience:


Many people, in the effort to achieve a social life as well as a working life, will neglect their sleeping hours. This is a difficult issue, because it can be hard to switch off your brain after socializing and working in the same day. Sleep hygiene is often the most important thing when dealing with a stressful job, and not having the rest needed to come back to your responsibilities with energy can be a massive mistake in the effort to become a better and more competent person. Make sure you’re getting at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night depending on your intensity.

Sometimes, and to continue using the chef example, employees work highly intense and long hours, sometimes 15 in a day, and so sleeping as much as you can all week long may not seem achievable. However, it’s imperative you do. Mild sleep deprivation has similar results to being intoxicated. You likely wouldn’t turn up to work drunk, so depriving yourself of sleep is equally as responsible, especially when working in a hazardous environment. If this is not achievable at all, then consider moving jobs or reducing your hours.


In order to feel like fully integrated members of our community, we need to stay social and happy in our surroundings. Meeting people at work, at community events or online can be tremendously beneficial to our health. We are social creatures, and so any difficulty in getting our required social contact time will only be met with feelings of alienation and isolation. It’s your responsibility to do everything you can to keep yourself competent in the social space.

If you’re moving to a new country and aren’t familiar with the language, you have twice the responsibility to work on your social skills and to find a friend you can feel safe and integrated with. If struggling with a language and desiring to refine it, check out AJ’s blog, as clear communication understood helps melt the divides between people. If invited to an area out of your comfort zone, give it a try! You can never be sure exactly what benefit awaits you at any one time.

With these tips, you will be able to blow off steam as intended. Perfect for when grinding through a difficult working schedule.