After conducting an examination, your dentist confirms that you are a candidate for dental implants. Instead of having no alternative to dentures, there are now choices. Why would you go with implants/ Buy discovering what you can learn more about dental implants and how they work, the answer will clear. Consider these four reasons and what they could mean for you.

Nothing Slips Out of Place

Dentures are held in place using an adhesive that must be applied at least daily. Even the best product may or may not last for the entire day. That could lead to some slippage that leaves you frustrated and possibly a little embarrassed.

Consider how you would feel if your dentures slipped in the middle of an important conversation. It could be worse if they slipped while you were enjoying a meal out. Excusing yourself to go make some adjustments tends to break the mood.

Implants don’t slip. Once they are in, they stay there from now on. There’s no need to deal with adhesives or anything else. Rest assured that no matter where you go, the implants will stay where they belong.

Implants Last a Long Time

Choosing to wear dentures means that you’ll need to invest in a new set from time to time. If you’re lucky, they’ll last somewhere between seven to ten years before it’s time for a new set. Even so, that can add up to a tidy sum as the years pass.

Implants are designed to last much longer. In fact, you may never need to have them replaced. The worst-case scenario would involve having to replace a damaged cap. Consider what that means in terms of ease and convenience.

Caring for Implants is Simpler

The routine with cleaning and care of implants is simpler than dealing with dentures. With the latter, you need to soak them overnight, clean them while making sure not to drop the plates, and ensure that you use enough adhesive to keep them in place.

Caring for implants is much like caring for real teeth. You still brush after meals and use mouthwash to get rid of more bacteria. There’s even floss designed for use with implants. In terms of dental hygiene that you’re already used to performing, implants are the obvious choices.

They’re More Affordable Than Many People Think

One factor that makes people balk when it comes to dental implants is the cost. There’s no doubt that implants are more expensive than a set of dentures. That cost is actually more affordable than most people think.

Even considering the initial cost, think about what you will pay every time you need to buy a new set of dentures. Factor in the solutions and adhesives that must be used to keep the dentures in top shape. When you add in those other costs, the expense associated with implants begins to look a lot better.

Do you think implants may be right for you? The first step is to find out if your gums are healthy enough to support them. Contact the tea at Maple Ridge Family Dentistry and arrange for a full dental exam. If you’re found to be a candidate for dental implants, rest assured the staff can help you weigh the options for different kinds of implants and come up with the solution that’s right for you.