Your teeth are intended to last for most if not all of your life. The care that you give them at home is great, but it’s not enough. You need to see a dentist at least twice a year. If you need some motivation to get into the habit, consider these four reasons. At least one or two is sure to apply in your case.

Identifying Minor Issues Before They Can Cause Real Damage

Dental issues don’t emerge full-blown. They take time to develop. In the interim, you may not be able to identify that something’s going on. It’s only after there’s discomfort or you notice some small spot on a tooth that it’s obvious something’s wrong.

If you have an annual checkup and go back in for at least one other visit during the year, there’s a better chance of catching the issue before it gets to that stage. The result is that there’s less damage to repair. You’re not only looking at a lower dentist bill; it’s also about protecting the teeth and ensuring they remain strong and functional for more years.

Preventing the Buildup of Plaque and Other Residue

You do a great job of brushing after meals and using floss on a regular basis. Even the mouthwash that you use does a good job of helping to remove residue from the surface of the teeth. Even with all that hard work, there’s still likely a little residue between the teeth and along the gum line.

Since plaque and residue can increase the odds of tooth damage and gum disease, it makes sense to have your teeth professionally cleaned at least once a year. Doing so gets rid of what your efforts at home leaves behind. The fact that your mouth feels fresher and your breath is more inviting don’t hurt.

Solutions For All Sorts of Situations

What about serious issues that have already developed? Is there any point in trying to correct them? The answer is yes. Procedures designed to improve your dental health improve the appearance and also so prevent additional damage.

Something like dental crowns may be what you need. What are dental crowns used for? They can be used to cap off a filling and help it to last longer. They can also help even out teeth that have been damaged due to cracks or other problems. Along with crowns, there are veneers and other methods that will make a difference.

No Doubt About Who to Call if a Dental Emergency Arises

Seeing a dentist regularly also comes in handy if an emergency arises. Perhaps you chip a tooth due to a fall or biting down on something like a nutshell. Instead of toughing out the pain until the next business day, you know who to call with your dental emergency.

From dealing with severe gum pain to settling a displaced tooth back into a socket, your dentist will know what needs to be done if you have a dental emergency after hours or during a weekend. Even if your dentist is not available, there’s someone on call who will be able to see you and administer a treatment without any delays.

If you don’t have a dentist right now, today is a great time to change that. Your first appointment will focus on an exam that sets the starting point for a new era in your dental care. Keep up the appointments and you’ll reap the rewards that come with having beautiful and healthy teeth.