One of the issues that come  with working at a desk job is a lack of purpose. At the end of the day, you’re always going to be a small cog in the large machine we call the world. Even if you’re the owner of an international company, you still only play a small part in the world’s economy and you may even feel like the business you worked so hard to grow will end up being pointless in the long run.

However, for many others that work simple day jobs, doing everything from tending a store to managing someone else’s finances, having a sense of purpose is incredibly important. It’s that sense of purpose that gives us the motivation to continue our work.

It’s those underappreciated jobs that give us the feeling that we’re making a major contribution to the lives of people around us. If you want another career path, then consider these following options that allow you to feel like you’re part of something bigger.

Emergency Services

Be it a job in the police force, an ambulance driver or even a doctor, a career in emergency services can change your outlook on life. This is because everyone needs assistance from emergency services and in many cases, it can save people’s lives. Depending on how deep you want to go into this career, some education and training is required.

Even if you’re simply driving an ambulance, you will still need some first-aid education and experience. Becoming a doctor or a nurse requires a lot of experience and training, and a career in the police force will require you to be physically fit and ready to put your life on the line to save others.

Education Careers

Teaching is one of the most fulfilling career paths because you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re empowering others with knowledge. It could be a job that involves tutoring children on how to play instruments, you could be a school teacher, or you might be an online lecturer. Simply Education has fantastic resources for anyone who is looking to become a teacher.

It’s a job that comes with many benefits, an above average salary, and of course, a sense of purpose. You don’t have to be an actual teacher to be part of the education industry either. You could always be a teaching assistant or start your own school by hiring teachers to work under your brand. There are many different opportunities—it just takes a little planning.

Starting Your Own Business

If you truly believe in something, then the only way to chase that belief is to start your own business. Do you think that people deserve cheaper smartphones to connect with their family? Then start a business and try to create something small, cheap and affordable.

Do you believe that a certain type of cuisine isn’t receiving enough attention? Start a restaurant and spread the word. Starting a business isn’t easy and it’s better to tackle this career path with help, but if you’re serious about making the world a better place, it needs to be done as an entrepreneur.