Despite the proven benefits of prostate massage in improving male sexual health, it turns out very few men are comfortable considering or trying the technique. Despite the fact that it is mainly viewed as a way to expel toxins from the body, the massage is actually performed in order to clear the prostate ducts of excess fluid. This is believed especially beneficial in cases of an enlarged prostate.

More and more studies point to the use of the technique for a number of lower urinary tract conditions. Despite this, a very small number of men over the age of 50 who experience some form of symptoms related to the gland’s function actually employ the technique, you can read about more here. Another use of the massage is for the purposes of sexual stimulation, either with the help of a partner or on one’s own. 

What’s the Prostate and Why You Should Take Care of It

This famous male organ is only the shape and size of a walnut, and is found between the bladder and the root of the penis. Its main purpose involves secreting a fluid that makes up around 70 per cent of the seminal volume. Unfortunately, the gland starts to enlarge with age, and especially in men in their sixties or seventies, it can become several times its size, creating a whole host of problems for the patient, among which the frequent need to urinate and not being able to fully empty the bladder, to mention just two of the most common.

Even though it seems that the organ starting to lose some of its function is only a normal result of the aging process, most if not all conditions could be prevented or their progress slowed down by prophylaxis. For example, it has now been established that prostate stimulation does relax inflammation and lead to better urine passage. The other benefit of enhancing sexual pleasure is found to promote an easier reaching of orgasm, and higher ejaculation intensity, thus influencing serious problems, such as erectile dysfunction, which is a huge deal on its own. 

Warnings and Precautions

Just like anything else, this massage technique is only safe and effective when performed properly. That being said, there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to guarantee you only experience the positive side of it. The most important aspect you should be aware of is the fact that the inner tissue and lining of the areas you are going to come into contact with are really delicate, and should be treated as such. If you apply a very vigorous and intense pressure, that might lead to soreness, tear and even bleeding. So make sure you start gently and proceed with the necessary caution.

Needless to say, men with cases of acute prostatitis and suspected or confirmed cancer should by no means undergo this form of stimulation, as this might aggravate their condition and lead to undesired consequences. Everybody else should be good to go after proper preparation, such as taking care to have a bowel movement and clean the area before the massage, as well as use appropriate gloves or even better, an anal toy created especially for the purpose. There is a really awesome variety of the latter on the market, so there should be one that fits you budget, goals and preferences.    

Choosing a Toy and Using It

Never heard of those? Well, these prostate massagers are probably the best choice even if you are a beginner since they will basically do the job for you regardless of whether you have a partner to operate the device or decide to try it on your own. Of course, check out what they suggest for newbies, as this would be a good way to start, avoiding confusion and wondering if you are picking the right thing or not. After you are armed with your new toy, make sure to relax and switch off the phone and TV in order to avoid distractions. Set aside enough time to explore and enjoy this new realm of experience, as the body itself will need time to adjust to it. Engage in the activity, followed by breaks, as your muscles might initially get tired more easily but will respond better and better with practice, as is the case with any workout or exercise. Also, don’t expect the outcome right away, focus on the process and know that this will happen in due time as well. Just enjoy yourself and things will gradually and naturally fall into place.