Road trips are the perfect way to explore new destinations and meet new people. They also give you tons of flexibility when you’re looking for a variety of vacation experiences. This type of trip also helps to save money on accommodation too, as you can considering renting an RV to make the journey more comfortable.

However you decide to travel on your road trip, there are a variety of things to pack to ensure you have everything you need on your travels.


Nobody likes the sun in their eyes when they’re driving, so getting a protective pair of sunglasses is essential. These are the perfect accessories to have to hand if you’re driving for long hours, too, as the glare can take its toll on your eyes, leading to eyestrain.

Travel pillow

Long journeys can be hugely tiring, and if you begin to feel tired, letting someone take over the driving can help. However, if you’re doing most of the miles, stopping for a quick nap might help, so be sure to have a travel pillow packed. There’s an added bonus if you’ve decided on RV rental for your road trip, as you can stop on regular occasions and have a rest or even sleep in a comfortable bed before you continue the journey.

Reusable cup

As sustainability is a hot topic of conversation at the moment rather than getting your coffee in a takeaway cup, why not consider packing a reusable one instead? There are a variety of mugs available, including styles that keep your drinks hot on the journey. There is also a selection that has suction type features so that they stay in place on flat surfaces while you’re driving.

Hand sanitizer

Staying safe and healthy is a top priority on a road trip, and there may be times where washing facilities are not available. Having hand sanitizer available is ideal if you need to wash your hands in public toilets or washrooms. You may also want to pack other products, such as antibacterial wipes or a wash bag, in case you need any essentials on the road.

First aid kit

If you’re renting an RV, most vehicles will have a first aid kit on board for emergencies. However, if you’re traveling by car on your road trip, taking a first aid kit with you is essential. It should have everything you need in case you encounter any cuts or stings while traveling. Plus, it’ll have bandages and plasters if required.

Travel games

Road trips are an exciting part of the journey, but sometimes if you’re passing through places that don’t have many sights to see, you might experience some boredom. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Taking some travel games along for the ride is a fun way to pass the time. These are especially great if you’re traveling with kids who get bored very quickly.

Instant camera

Most people have phones that take pictures, but why not get an instant camera and takes snaps as you go? People don’t really use them a lot anymore. Still, they can give you some interesting shots and funny memories when you come to get them processed after your trip. You’ll undoubtedly see whether someone forget the flash or not!

Roaming WiFi

Wherever you travel, you’ll probably have access to WiFi, but there may be some locations where it is not available. On the road in the middle of nowhere is usually one of them. If your phone has roaming WiFi, this provides an easy way to stay connected. Plus, you can often use your phone as a hub to connect other devices such as tablets and laptops to the internet too.


The sun beating into the car not only makes you hot and bothered, but it also makes for some interesting tan lines. If you want to avoid the dreaded trucker’s arm, then applying plenty of sunscreens is vital. Having it to hand if you decide to explore places on your way also keeps you protected during the hottest part of the day.

Mini fridge

If you have the room and a power source, taking a mini-fridge on your travels is a great idea. If you’re in a campervan for the journey, they often have integrated appliances, so you’ll have plenty of cool storage to keep your snacks and drinks cold.

There are a few other things to consider packing too, including:

  • Maps (in case GoogleMaps is not available!)
  • Phone/Device charger
  • Road trip playlist
  • A few books
  • Flashlight
  • Toilet roll