Well we all know there are things we can discuss with our mothers and not dads and visa versa. While things that you can share with your mom are easy to find, things that can share with your dad are limited for most children, teenagers or even grownups.

Teenagers often get confused when it comes to take their parent’s support and help. Children who are often shy in nature don’t speak to their parents and tell them the exact problem. One rule of parenting is the win the confidence of children so they can open up their mind and speak freely.

Mothers are more close to the children and they confide in her more than fathers but there are some specific situation which only fathers can handle or handle efficiently.

Dad’s are also more important person especially if you are taking advice on dating a guy or opting for an athlete event, dieting dangerously or even coping up the stress level at work, school or college. Remember your dad has also attend college and passed so he surely knows how to handle things which are looking daunting to you. Moreover, he can guide you how to manage your finances, pocket money in an efficient manner without missing fun, so its wise to confide with him.

  1. If you are a teenager or child, you know that if you ended up ramming your car or bike and denting it, you can’t really tell your mom or she will be the first to get frantic. Why can you tell your dad? Well, dads usually stay calm about these kinds of situations as they are apt with dealing with insurance. Need him to be there and help you deal with any authorities? Don’t worry your mom but instead talk to your dad and ask for his co-operation and explain yourself and the situation. With your dad’s support and understanding the issue will not become big but get solved.

    The thing about taking help from your dad and not your mom depends on what kind of relationship you share with both parents.

  2. In case your dad works in a corporate organization, ask your dad to help you with a job or a job interview. There could be many reasons you may be facing a problem. Discuss so with your dad and seek his help and advice on the same. Another thing about asking your dad’s help is that they feel good if you seek their advice.
  3. What to participate in sports but your mom wouldn’t listen any of it? Seek your dad’s word on it and discuss the matter. Dads are good at convincing moms and hence explain your case to justify the matter and stick with it.
  4. If you are a girl and have some problem with the opposite sex in any scenario, seek your dad at the earliest and explain the matter. It’s not that mothers cannot deal with a situation like this but in a case like this support of a strong male family member adds perspective and help to a problem like this.
  5. Finances can be a problem when growing up or when first starting with your job. Is your dad the sole earning member? In case of any financial dealings or requirement of finances, seek your dad’s advice or a loan. Asking for money can be a stick in the mud. Hence, keep it between your dad and you; he will surely not mind it.
  6. For a happy occasion when you want to plan something for your mom, keep her in surprise and plan a party for her with your dad’s help. Make it a family effort with your dad and siblings involved and make sure you make him do something special for her.

Mother’s are said to be the daughter’s best friend but there are times when your dad can help in an efficient way than your mothers. I would love to hear your experiences of taking your dad’s help for some specific situations. Please leave me a comment and let me know. Subscribe our RSS to receive latest teen & parenting updates.