How To Say NO To A Violent Relationship & Stop Abusive Relationship

Domestic violence is no longer restricted to areas where the man was not educated or the partners did not know their rights. Domestic violence is not just when you are seriously injured but it can start with a slap, push, shove, any matter of physical abuse.

Are you in a Abusive Relationship?

A violent relationship is highly unhealthy for the partner getting abused. If you are aware of someone going through this problem, it will be great if you could help them and if it’s you who is facing it, its time you got out of it.

There are various reasons for an abusive relationship, reasons why a partner may behave erratically. There are two ways you can go about this. Try to understand and read the signals of your relationship and affect a solution with your partner. This is stage one. Most of the times the relationship is so far gone that stage one is not even considered. But if you want to try and give it a helping hand do so.

If not, introspect with yourself about where this may lead and if you can put up with it. Rather than spoil your life, start distancing yourself and seek help you must. Bring it to the attention of authorities. Seek only those who you know will side with you. If you feel that your partner will pervert your escape from the relationship, gather proof that will guarantee you the freedom.

Escaping Abusive Relationship

Do not brush aside any threats as you don’t know if your partner is suffering from a mental disorder or just growing jealous and possessive. Secondly, learn assertiveness for the situation or lying if you must in a situation necessary. You’re partner may not stop at harming you and hence, if you detect such a scene comply verbally and escape at the earliest.

Once you have escaped the situation, cut any contact or available means to be reached. A change of house, city, at times even country is suggested but make sure you notify the authorities. If you live in a country that can affect a restraining order do so.

If time has passed on such abusive relationship and you cross paths in life, do not forgive and forget for your own good. Avoid getting close or a conversation. A personality disorder can relapse or tricks on the person’s part are not unpredictable.

In a relationship, observe any unusual behavior, any abrupt patterns of mood resulting in abuse or your partner’s personality traits. Read any red flags that leave you feeling funny. In any case do not stay in a violent abusive relationship just because you love the person. In a relationship like this, put yourself first or else you will blame yourself later. Flight before fight is the Doc’s recommendation for any abusive relationship.

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