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Photos Frieda Pinto get entry in list of World’s Most Beautiful Women

Frieda Pinto bagged the role in Slumdog Millionaire and her life is changed completely after the success. The Slumdog Millionaire star, the 24-year-old Freida Pinto, who was the only Indian to feature in the list of Most beautiful women in the world put to online voting by Vanity Fair, polled only 2 percent of the total votes to come at #4. Cate Blanchette and Beyonce Knowles also polled only 2% votes.

However, Freida Pinto was voted ahead of celebrity females like the French First Lady and model Carla Bruni, Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow. Angelina Jolie topped the list at #1 position with a huge margin of votes. Freida Pinto was also ahead of Elle McPherson, Kerry Washington and Kate Moss, who scored only 1% of the total votes. The Indian beauty was a surprise entry in the list which ignored Hollywood superstars like Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman.

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