Celebrating your wedding reception with plenty of food and drink is what it’s all about. After a long day, you and your guests are sure to be ravenous so providing the right food is essential. After all, your wedding guests will have spent a significant amount of time, money and effort attending your big day. So you of course want to make sure you feed them well! Here are a few different styles you could consider for your wedding day.

Three Course Meal

This is a traditional option; your guests will be served a starter, main course and dessert at their table. On the down side, you will need more servers to get the plates out to everyone which is of course going to increase your catering costs. However, if you want something quite formal, then this will be for you. Be sure to get any special dietary requirements from guests when you’re putting together your meal plan so you can ensure everyone is served something they can eat. Typical starters involve

Food Stations

A great option if you still want to serve hot food but want to keep it a little more casual. Here you have a number of food stations serving cuisines or foods of your choice, guests line up with a plate and can either have it dished up by a server or help themselves. These tend to be real crowd pleasers, there’s a variety of different dishes on offer rather than a set three-course meal, and you can have fun with the presentation too. Desserts stations are especially fun to set up, you could display apothecary jars full of sweets, have a macaroni tower and a chocolate fountain with all of the trimmings to dip in. It creates interaction between guests and helps the mingling which is always a good thing at a wedding.


Finally, buffets are a casual but enjoyable way to serve food at a wedding. Guests can simply go up and help themselves. There’s plenty on offer, and again it promotes interaction. Since you need fewer servers, this can help slash that element of the bill too. If you want something fancy, you could hire a catering company and have them put together something delicious for you. If you wanted to cut costs, you could even prepare the food yourself with some close friends and family. Sandwiches, cakes, quiches and chicken can all be cooked the day before, wrapped up and put in the fridge ready to be bought over and set up on the day. This can be a bit of hassle, but if you don’t mind that and have the people willing to help you set up, it’s another option. Have a think about the kind of vibe you want your wedding to have. Super traditional and formal, or something a little more casual and laid back? Work out what the best option would be based on your budget, as well as the kinds of things your guests are most likely to enjoy too.