aging_aeging-processEvery men/women is unique and beautiful. Moreover it is the right and dream of every men/women to look beautiful, youthful, glowing and charming at all times, but this dreams start disappearing as the age increases with those minor lines and wrinkles. Though there are lots of anti-ageing creams available in the market, but the question is are they really helpful or it is just a marketing stunt of misguiding the innocent people?

A new study conducted by the researchers has revealed that diets and craems claming their antioxidant properties could slow ageing, have little or no effect.the researches have found that even those given enhanced antioxidants powers to deal with tissues damaging “free radicals” did not live longer . the researchers said that there was ” no clear evidence” they could slow ageing. Antioxidants are a ataple of the beauty and the health industries. This has been stated on a 50- year old theory. in 1956, it was suggested that the ageing is caused by a bulid -up of a molecular damage caused by reactive forms of oxygen called superoxide or free radical, circulating in the body. This is known as the oxidative stress. Antioxidants are supposedly worked to mop up these radicals, minimizing their damage. Many studies aimed at proving the theory have been inconclusive.However these worms lived as long as the others, suggesting that “oxidative stress” is a less factor in the ageing of our cells and tissues as some have suggested .”the fact that we don;t understand musc about the fundamental mechanisms of aeging – the free radical theory have filled the vaccum for over 50 years now, but it doesn’t stand up for the evidence.” BBC quoted Gems , as saying. “It is clear that if superoxide is involved -oxidative damage is clearly not universal, major driver of the aeging process.” He said a healthy ,balanced diet is important for reducing the risk of many “old age” diseases such as cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis, but there was no clear evidence that eating anti-oxidant could slow or prevent aeging, and even less evidence to support the claims made by antioxidant pills and creams.

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