sweet-momentsRemember when you meet your wife, your fist day out, weeding bells ringing, your honeymoon, sweet romantic moments, but aren’t these moments are missing from your life now. Just think whose responsible for it ?  Answer would be its you only, aren’t you afraid of living those sweet moments again as you are afraid to lose those memories. But don’t be afraid because it is possible that you may be able to reconnect your memories in a better way. A study says that often people are reluctant to relive special moments for fear of running them .

The memory of the First honeymoon has such a special place in people’s lives that they are reluctant  to repeat it – thinking  a repetition  might taint the unforgettable moments. that’s the conclusion of  a new research in the general of the Consumer research  , which found that people tend to treat their memories of previous special experience as asset to be protected.

When asked if they would like to return to a place where they had a particular special versus pleasent but not particular special vacation or an evening out, people were more interested in returning to a palace where the initial event thet they experienced was simply pleasant rather than truly special,”author  Gal Zuberman ( University of Penncylvania ) and Rebecca K Ratner ( University of Maryland ) and B.Kyu Kim ( University Of Pennsylvania ) stated.

The analyst found that participants were apprehensive about repeating  their prized experience unless confident that the second experience would be very similar to the initial experiences. It has been revealed that people intended to keep momentos, which can remind them of the pleasant experience, which is known as the memory pointer. For example , more participants said they would rather own a CD of their favorite band than a Mayan sculpture, unless they have taken a particular meaning full trip to the Mayan ruins.

Those considering a trip that was simply pleasent  – for instance , with sunny weather and lots of time to read on the beach , but no meaningful experiences – did not feel the need to acquire those items that they thought would help them remember the experiences later.This desire to protect memories of meaningful experiences emerged even though participants thought that these experiences would be more memeorable than mundane experiences would be.

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